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15 days

It's been 15 days since I've touched my machine, sooo, soooo, sad! The good news is the weather has been summer like, the bad news I've not had a chance to get out and play in the dirt, so no sew, no dirt...jeeze louise I'm falling apart. The store will be closed on Friday the 1st because Fauquier County is celebrating their 250th anniversary with an all day parade event that will close Main Street...what's a girl to do...ROAD TRIP... Jackie and I are taking to the roads on Friday, I'll take pictures and report back. Keep'll put a smile on your face!!!

Friday Night in the Country

Need I say more...he makes the best drinks every...

Happy Earth Day

HAPPY EARTH DAY We're having a crisp cool spring morning, but the leaves are popping out all over and it's a beautiful day to celebrate this big round planet we live on.

Spring Day in Virginia

Spring has arrived, and here's the proof...First up is Stella, are ya wondering what she's looking at... well she's looking at Zele here with the ball...thinking...I want that ball. Bleeding Hearts Red Bud Lilac We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday...just enough sun and warmth for all of my spring flowers to start to appear, and appear they did. I sure wish I had scratch & sniff on the computer because the lilac smells so beautiful. The Red Bud is in it's peak, before long those pretty flowers will drop off and the heart shape leaves will appear, and just like clockwork after the leaves come out our Hummingbirds appear. Thanks for stopping by on this beautiful spring day...


Spring has arrived at Kelly Ann's Quilting...can you see it in the window? Well here's a better picture... This pattern came from Kim if you like, go to her Etsy site she'll be happy to sell one to ya. Her pattern has a bunny but because we need to leave it in the window longer we decided to leave off the bunny and Barbara added quilted grass at the bottom of the tulips. Also we trying out a protective spray on this quilt to see how well it holds up to the sun. The front windows get soooo much sun, we love the light but not what it does to what's hanging in our windows. Okay, take a look at the front of the shop, look in the other window, see those lights, yep, Christmas lights, we left them up and on for the last couple of window changes but after taking this picture I decided that it was starting to look like those neighbors we all have that leave their lights up all year...yep they gotta come down. The other thing you need to notice in the window, that'

Temporary Crown for the Queen

Y'all saw the crown I gave to Leigh last week and while it was only a blog crown, it was a crown, well...Dee felt that Leigh needed a real crown so until she could find an actual one with jewels and gold this one will have to do... and yes she wore it the whole day while cutting her fabric into jelly rolls. Thanks Leigh for being such a good roller and thanks Dee for getting the queen a crown to work while she's in her office or as you called it "JellyRollLand"...I can see a song using JellyRollLand. Happy Rolling...

Rainy Spring Day

Okay, I've shown you the snowy pictures from our part in Virginia now here's the mud part. We're having work done on the outside of the house and the gutters aren't up yet, so if you take lots of spring rain and no gutters you get this, drowned spring plants. Hopefully we'll be seeing those new gutters within the week. I've been slow to post for the last couple of weeks because as it turns out I have a wicked sinus infection. I'm gaining energy so maybe that'll mean I'll more time for all my peeps in blogland. from Rainy Virginia I wish everyone a happy day and happy quilting...

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

What's happenin' here

Howdy all....everytime I sit down to blog something else comes up so I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to all of my bloggy friends. On Monday we took Zele to have her teeth cleaned... I tried to get her to smile but no go. She's such a good dog, we picked her up early afternoon and she spent the rest of the day letting us know that she wasn't the normally happy dog. Zele is very vocal and this day she let us know in no uncertain terms that she wasn't a happy dog, every move was heard, the poor baby. But need not worry all is well and she's back to normal begging for treats and balls. I spent most of Monday (while waiting to pick Zele up from the vet) reverse quilting a sample of Strip Club, y'all know the rule, start to quilt then check the back to make sure no thread throw-ups, well guess who didn't check her back until it was done...yep me!! What a dummy... I paid for that mistake, but all turned out well, it's quilted and last night

For the Queen

For Leigh, the official Jelly Roll Queen!!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband....