Thursday, April 16, 2009


Spring has arrived at Kelly Ann's Quilting...can you see it in the window? Well here's a better picture...
This pattern came from Kim if you like, go to her Etsy site she'll be happy to sell one to ya. Her pattern has a bunny but because we need to leave it in the window longer we decided to leave off the bunny and Barbara added quilted grass at the bottom of the tulips. Also we trying out a protective spray on this quilt to see how well it holds up to the sun. The front windows get soooo much sun, we love the light but not what it does to what's hanging in our windows.

Okay, take a look at the front of the shop, look in the other window, see those lights, yep, Christmas lights, we left them up and on for the last couple of window changes but after taking this picture I decided that it was starting to look like those neighbors we all have that leave their lights up all year...yep they gotta come down. The other thing you need to notice in the window, that's Jackie at the computer, it's okay you can wave at her because she is so ignoring me.



  1. I like what you've done for the Spring! quilt from Kim. Buttons add such a nice touch.

  2. I love Kim's quilt pattern and your work hanging in your shop window!

  3. Just the pink, I am so into pink lately. Good job and your shop looks great.