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Do you see the difference?

I've been doing some serious does your needle do this? Normally I keep on stitching with a bent needle but this time it just wasn't happening, so out came a new needle and I was one happy camper. This is my needle of choice for's big enough to get a few stitches on the needle but not to small that I lose it in my fingers. The one thing that really saves my fingers when binding... they stay on my fingers and you can use them over and over again till the sticky just gives out. Okay...back to binding to me.. Quilters Quest is just around the corner, gotta get these bindings done.. Until next time Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Old twist

I want to blog...really I do but something keeps getting in the way. So I'm taking a stand...I going to start blogging again...going to start off slow but I'M BACK. First up.. I've been quilting, all shop stuff and mostly samples gearing up for the upcoming shop hop, Quilters' Quest  but at least I get to hear my  machine hum. I'll be spending this weekend traveling to Pittsburgh for a wedding and I'll be taking some binding projects on the road with me but before I could do that I needed to pick up a few more packages of Clover's Wonder Clips I have several packages but I have so many projects I wanted to prep them before hitting the road so I pre-clipped my projects. I really wanted to grab a package of these from the shop but they are limited edition  and didn't think it was fair that I got the pretty pink Wonder Clips, but man was it tempting. Okay, gonna hit the road, keep watching Facebook , Instagram  loo