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It doesn't happen often but when I saw this picture... I was left speechless.... Until next time... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

It's Raining....

It's Raining It's Pouring The Old Man is Snoring He Went to Bed and Bumped his head and he couldn't get up in the Morning... I know how the old man feels...a super thunder storm rolled through this morning.  Might be a good day for a little quilting and a nap...what do you like to do on a thunder storm filled day?   Until Next Time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann


Spring is in the air.... and my allergies are not happy.... Kelly Ann

It's Easy being Green


Do you remember this post with the joke, raining cats & dogs? we go again.... I think I saw a duck wearing these... okay...maybe not these...and maybe it wasn't a duck but man o'man it is pouring again today, can't wait to see the spring flowers these rains should bring... so... until next time... be kind... and... Stay Dry... Kelly Ann

Spring Trees

It's almost time for the trees to start showing their spring colors...this one got a jump start a tad early.... bet you don't have a tree like this at your house.... it's actually a one of a kind wool sock tree, very rare...Don't ya just love the colors on those socks?  All my socks were made by a very dear friend, Astrid, she loves to knit and it just so happens that I love to wear her knitted socks...a perfect pair we make... until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Can Ya Tell...

Can ya tell what's happening here..... all you guys out there... comb over alert day... until next time.. Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Do you?????

Do you ever go to google images and play around?  I go there often to find fun pictures to add to my blog or to brighten my I'm sitting around today watching the rain come straight down, and I'm talking straight heavy cutting off my satellite rain, and this saying my father says popped into my's raining cats & dogs... and I just stepped into a "poodle"...  bet you laughed...didn't you? So, I'm in google images looking for a "raining cats and dogs" image and some of the pictures I came across were amazing, some kitsch but some are really cool...I don't click over to see who took most of the pictures and don't know how the pictures fit into the grand scheme of things but I thought I'd share a few with you...    looking up through an umbrella...very cool shot...  look at the texture..with a splash of green... What struck me on this picture was the color of the umbrellas, everything is gray but look at the re

Wordless Wednesday