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Wednesday Musings

Since closing the shop I get all mixed up on what day of the week it is, it's kind of funny because when my mother retired, she would say "it's Friday again, where did the week go?" Well...I'm here to tell you that "it's Friday again where did the week go?" With all the distractions at home, laundry, dogs, cats, OMgeeee the telemarketers on the phone, it seems to take longer to get anything done. So laundry is done, suitcase packed and pet supplies ready to go...we're hitting the road for a fun road-trip today, visiting friends and family and our neighbors to the "way-north." If you want to follow along with us pop over to Instagram and follow me, I'll be sure to share lots of pictures. Until Next Time Be Kind BGB wanted to pop in to say hello!

Tuesday Musings

Long to-do list today...laundry, packing, cleaning, shopping and prepping for a fun road trip. Yesterday was spent working in the wool studio, still, a little more to do so I can have a few projects to take on the road with me, not so sure why I always wait to the last minute to do this, but that's who I am. I'm sitting here looking out at my bird feeders, they need to be filled. Anyway, I just saw my first juvenile cardinal...they are not the prettiest bird at this age, but you can see their potential with the red feathers poking their way to the surface. So that's kind of a life lesson, look for the possibility, look for the red feathers poking out, and you too can blossom! Until Next Time Be Kind

Monday Morning Musings

I was all ready to update y'all last night on how my Sunday ended on the back porch, but the heat and cicadas sent us inside to finishing watching our movie. Retail therapy was a bust, and driving around the Haymarket/Gainesville area on the weekend is crazy. Spent a few hours in the wool studio and a fun phone visit with Ashley all the way from Alaska was a nice way to wrap up the afternoon. We are a few days from departing on our road trip, so lots to do, laundry and I need to prep some wool work so I can stitch in the car. It's a little more humid this morning than yesterday on the back porch, and the sun is popping up over the trees so it won't be long before it heats up and drives me inside. When we return from our trip, we'll be installing curtains to help block that morning sun and extend our time out here. Until Next Time Be Kind

Sunday Morning Musings

Sunday is breakfast day here on the back porch. I'm known as the "enemy of breakfast" by the other human that lives in the house. Andrew loves breakfast food, I, on the other hand, could eat cold pizza or a meatloaf sandwich for breakfast. When we lived in New Hampshire, we would go out to breakfast on either Saturday or Sunday mornings, there were so many places to chose from, and they were all delicious. We moved to Virginia, and the breakfast joints were few and far between, so I started making breakfast on Sundays. Andrew likes scrambled not so much. I like a good hardboiled egg or softboiled, but through the years I've come to realize that I am not really a fried egg gal. I love bacon and sausage, and bacon on toast breakfast sandwich suits me just fine. Pancakes, I've tried numerous recipes through the years and FINALLY found one that is perfect every time I make them. They are called The Best Buttermilk Pancakes , and they really are. T

Saturday Night on the Back Porch

The cicadas are singing their song while we are watching a movie on the back porch tonight. We're watching Black Panther  and here are my observations on the movie. The all-female army that protects the King and people of Wakanda are some bad-ass women. The colors used in the production of this movie are stunning Chadwick Boseman is excellent as T'Challa and kind of sexy There is humor in the film and each time we watch I find even more things to laugh at The movie was filmed in Uganda, what a beautiful country Friends become foes and foes become friends This movie is one of my top 5 favorite Marvel movies, while my top 5 changes as new movies are made this might remain up there for a while. "Just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved upon" Shuri, sister to T'Challa, princess of Wakanda Until Next Time Be Kind

Weekend Musings

Friday was a fun day out with Leslee and Sue as we headed over to Herndon for the Sacred Threads Quilt exhibit. This was the first year I've gone, it just seemed between running the shop and trying to get everything done in two days around the house I never made the time to go, well I can say that I'm not gonna miss this show again. It is hard to put into words how moving and thought-provoking this show is, quilters pouring their hearts and souls out in their works of art. Some pieces are still stuck in my mind a full day later, and I'm sure will stick with me for some time to come. We have a road trip coming up next week so lots to get done this weekend, housework, yard work, laundry, pet prep, but it will all be worth it once we hit the road. I actually got to sleep in till 7:30 and I feel like I'm running behind, need to hit the farmers market so I can have eggs in the house, last weeks market was canceled because of the extreme heat and I've been without eg

Friday Musings

Another early morning wake up for me...this morning it was all Jack the Cat. If at any point in the early morning, I roll over or move that is an invitation for Jack the Cat to pounce or paw my face. I'm loving having the kitties, but I can't wait till they grow out of the "kitten" stage. Yesterday was a non-stop day from my early morning wake up till hitting the hay at 11. I did manage to open and spread 17 bags of mulch...two pallets left and while it sounds like a lot the end results is well worth it. I also had some help out in the yard... But I'm not sure grabbing empty mulch bags and running through the yard really qualifies him for the job. After a run through the shower, I headed to Culpeper for some retail therapy and lunch with a friend. The lunch was successful but shopping not so much, why is it so hard to find cute summer tops in July? I spent 14 years in retail, and I get that you need to move on to the next season w

Early Morning Musings

Let me start off by saying that I am not an early morning person, while I love the notion of watching the sunrise it is 1) not realistic because the trees block the horizon and 2) it is too friggin early.  I woke up early with my silly plantar fasciitis in my right foot giving me a fit, no doubt the way I slept on it. I also woke up with some fun on my mind that I need to keep a secret just a little bit longer, I'm a tease, and I know it but y'all will know soon enough. Yesterday I managed to get a bunch checked off my to-do list but not everything, so that's another reason that I was up early, I need to finish that list and work on today's agenda. Wednesday nights at the WARF in Warrenton is Food Truck night and Andrew, and I look forward to running to town and having something fun to eat. We like to walk between dinner and dessert, but with my stupid foot, we've had to put that on hold. Last nights dinner was from Graze to Griddle . Actually the last t

Wednesday Musings

WOW....what a beautiful morning it is on the back porch, the skies are a brilliant blue, crisp with no hint of humidity and there is a nice gentle breeze. I'm joined this morning on the porch by this guy. BGB ~ I know I'm cute Usually, BGB doesn't hang on the porch because he has decided he is not a heat lover dog, a/c for him all the way. It's interesting if you sit outside in the mornings and listening to the sounds, how different they are from our evenings. This morning I hear the cicada, woodpecker, cardinals chirping, hummingbirds swooping by, and a chainsaw off in the woods.  Yesterday was packed full of the necessary but not fun stuff around the house. Cleaning and laundry consumed so much of my day, along with petting kitties and BGB. After processing the online orders and heading to the post office, it was time to start dinner. Routine is important to me, and I still need to find one so that I can efficiently work from home and yet have time t

Rain Day

Starting the morning on the back porch with my coffee and can say that finally we've got a break in the heat with some much-needed rain and it looks like we'll have it off and on all day. For the last several years I've not been able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, but I've been giving it another try and can happily say that I can now have one cup without having the acid-reflux I had for so many years.  So now when I see all of those morning posts about people enjoying their coffee, I can say ... CHEERS! It's been five months since closing the doors at KAQ, and I'm still trying to figure out some kind of schedule and even though I'm supposed to be semi-retired I'm still trying to figure out the semi part, cause pretty sure I'm busier now than when I had the shop just less stress. With today being a rainout it's an excellent day to stay in and get stuff done around the house and in the wool studio and maybe hear the hum of my se

Well Worth It

I've spent the last several mornings working in the yard, mostly weeding, and I have so much more to do. Today after doing some weeding I opened 32 bags of mulch and spread it out, it doesn't go as far as you would think, but it is well worth it...check it out... What you don't see is that I have about 200 more bags to open and spread. Andrew drops the bags where I'm gonna use them, and I open and spread, teamwork makes the job easier. We had to run out, so we stopped in at Grill 309 in Culpeper for a quick bite and one of these... Until Next Time Be Kind

New Day

Every day is a new day... Every day you can find a way to make a difference... Every day you can speak up for those that can't... What you are doing on this New Day??? Until Next Time Be Kind