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Early Morning Musings

Let me start off by saying that I am not an early morning person, while I love the notion of watching the sunrise it is 1) not realistic because the trees block the horizon and 2) it is too friggin early. 

I woke up early with my silly plantar fasciitis in my right foot giving me a fit, no doubt the way I slept on it. I also woke up with some fun on my mind that I need to keep a secret just a little bit longer, I'm a tease, and I know it but y'all will know soon enough.

Yesterday I managed to get a bunch checked off my to-do list but not everything, so that's another reason that I was up early, I need to finish that list and work on today's agenda.

Wednesday nights at the WARF in Warrenton is Food Truck night and Andrew, and I look forward to running to town and having something fun to eat. We like to walk between dinner and dessert, but with my stupid foot, we've had to put that on hold. Last nights dinner was from Graze to Griddle. Actually the last two weeks we got their Graze Burger, and it does not disappoint, I think next we'll have a bite from Happy Family or Divine Swine, but we always get a dessert from Moo Thru's truck, their chocolate is fantastic and the vanilla...WOWzer! 

Today I hope to get more mulch laid, more laundry (it never ends), run into town to pick up a few things, and I have to finish up some work in the Wool Studio...if you want to follow along with what I'm doing during the day you can follow me on Instagram...I'm gonna do my best to post more pictures throughout the day.

Until Next Time
Be Kind



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