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Vacation is Over

I'm, so sad...our vacation came to an end today...the drive back was long. I was going to take alot of pictures while we were gone but it's so hard to hold a book, cold drink and camera at the same time, something had to give and it was the camera. But I did manage a few shots of Andrew and our dear friends Colleen & Larry...sorry none of me or the girls... Keeping watch on the beach... Larry my BFF's DH.... Yes, that would be Andrew, enjoying a Fat Tire Ale that my parents sent him...he's a happy camper. My BFF Colleen...she had a birthday on Friday and this was the picture I posted of her, she'll be so happy to see it show up again...sorry sis! We had a great time, we rented the house through and it was a great experience. The house had everything you'd need...a complete kitchen, you provide the food, comfortable furniture to take those much needed vacation naps. A screened in porch, a must down there, like I said the skeeters were

Happy Birthday to my BFF

Happy Birthday Sissy....

Wanna see who we got to meet at the Beach?

Meet Skeeter...he and thousands of this friends and relatives are hanging out with us here at the beach. The wind is really blowing at the beach but over here on the sound side it is dead, so when you have no wind and marshland out your backdoor you have visitors. Oops...think I just sent skeeter to mosquitoe heaven, if there is one.... One last day more day to hang at the more day to walk the dogs in the surf...and hopefully no more days of Skeeter and friends. Happy Quilting from the Beach..

Houses at the Beach

Does anyone out there question why I took this picture? Don't ya just love the combination they used on this duplex...wicked cool. Can you picture these houses in your neighborhood? How about if you lived here? I've always loved Rainbow Row in Charleston SC, so when we saw the brightly colored houses here in Surf City I just knew I had to snap some pictures and share with everyone. We're having a great vacation, beach time in the afternoon, lots of reading, books and online. Maybe I'll pick up my cross stitch and work on my very own Rainbow Row tonight.. Happy Quilting

Surf City NC

Well the first full day of our vacation down here in Surf City NC has been wonderful. We spent the day visiting with my MIL's cousin and his family, they are staying not far from us. The weather has been beautiful exactly what you would expect in NC in the summer. The girls are lovin' hanging with us all day and they had their first real taste of the ocean this evening, off the leash. Tomorrow we plan on taking the balls with us so they chase them into the water but it'll have to be later in the day as there is a leash law around here. I'll try and have pictures tomorrow along with a recap of the days BFF and her DH are driving over from Havelock to spend tomorrow night with us...and fun will be had by all. Keep quilting while I'm vacation cause I wanna see what everyone's been doing while I've been hangin' at the beach!

Happy Fathers Day

I think everyday should be Fathers Day...Dad you are the best... I Love You!

Look What I Found...

While in Pittsburgh for Spring Quilt Market we saw lots of hand work in lots of different booths. At the store we just got in a really neat redwork pattern from Pearl Louise Designs, so all of this hand work got me to thinking about a cross stitch piece I started several years ago...well...I found it... Rainbow Row...all the way from Charleston South Carolina. I found the pattern, price sticker dated September 1995, one row house done and all of my threads, so I think I'm gonna pack this piece up and take it on vacation with me. It's been awhile since I've actually done alot of cross stitchin' but I use to love it and would sit for hours working on a piece. So follow along with me as I try my hand back at cross stitchin'....I promise to post pictures as I get each house done. O' before I forget..all this talk about hand work and I forgot to share with y'all...we're gonna start carrying some patterns from Bareroots Stitchery, very cute stuff...I'

Strip Club Update

This past Saturday the Charming Strip Club had their monthly meeting and it being June we had a few "graduates". Say hello to Fancy Nancy and Queen Dee..these two fine ladies dressed up for their graduation from the first semester of their Charming Strip Club...and a couple of charming ladies they are and as far as the stripping part...well...that's for another post! Dee comes up with the greatest ideas and costumes for her and Nancy to wear, so I'm raising the "challenge" spool of thread. There are two groups of "strippers" that meet once a month, you know who you are...can anyone out there out do these two ladies? The wacker the better...and yes I promise it will be worth it at the end of the year!! Again, the challenge spool of thread has been thrown...anyone out there game? Happy Quilting

Do You????

Do you...facebook? twitter? blog? I do all three and people ask me how I can find all that time to spend it on the computer...well I do all three but I don't spend hours on end "surfing" all my sights. I have about 200 blogs I follow and those include news feeds as well as quilty ones, I check in while I'm having my coffee in the morning and before I go to bed at night. On the weekends I do spend some time checking out other blogs and sometimes even add them to my list of people to watch. Facebook is fun because I get to "chat" with my friends and family. Last night Facebook allowed it's users to pick a userid...yep, now you can find me at so if you're on facebook and want to friend me, that's where I'll be. Twitter is so quick and easy but I'm still feeling the waters over there. I know some of my friends "chat" with others around the world but I spend so little time there no one could fin

Full Hearts

Our very own Barbara is a volunteer with the Red Cross and when there's an emergency Barbara is called into action. Leaving the area with little notice and no return dates she is often gone weeks on end. During one of her trips as she was handing out a hot meal to a small child she also gave him a quilt that her "bee" had made, she tells the story of how the look on his face, with the quilt tucked under his arm and balancing his dinner he finally had something that was his, having lost everything. So while Barbara is called to arms to help the Red Cross I feel compelled to help so we'll be picking a weekend day this summer and planning a sew-in of string quilt blocks that we can then turn into quilts so that Barbara can have a supply of quilts to grab from when she needs to make a mad dash out of town on her next emergency call. Giving back to the community is something that quilters around the world have done over and over and being part of that brings a sense

And the winner is....

Congratulations... Happy Cottage Quilter Thank you to everyone that left a comment it was fun to see where everyone was is in their Christmas planning. I tried to get the girls involved in picking the number but this morning they were more interested in chasing the squirrels then picking a number so it was up to me and a to pick the number, so way to go Happy Cottage Quilter you are the winner of the Maywood Studios Sweet Sixteen Cottage Romance. Today is Monday, my day off from the store so lots to do and maybe just maybe I'll get to have a visit with my sewing machine. Happy Quilting

One last chance

Okay y'all have one last chance to post a comment on my Give-A-Way...the girls will help pick the winner tomorrow morning while we're having our morning cup of joe! good luck to all

Another blogger givin' something away

Must be in the air, my give-a-way ends on Monday but I just found another blogger givin' something might want to check this one out... twiddletails but wait, if you try to win then my chances are slimmer..hmmm...okay I'll be nice and leave this on...but really go check it out. Don't forget to check out my give-a-way and post a might be a winner..maybe in both places. It's the weekend...time to quilt! Happy Quilting

Rain Rain Go Away

Look who's singing the song...Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Some Other ya think Stella is a bit tired of the rain? Zele isn't too happy about it either but she only goes out when business calls, Stella on the other hand will walk around inspecting yard, have a sit and watch the birds all while pouring rain comes down on her sweet head, silly girl! Stay dry and Happy Quilting

Kelly Ann's is going to the Dogs & Cats

If you've ever been in the store you know our love for animals is strong, you'll hear me talk about "the girls" our own Zele & Stella, read our newsletter and see the story about Mosby. Animals need our support so this month at Kelly Ann's we're accepting donations for our local ASPCA. There are so many animals left at local shelters across the country that we thought the least we could do was help a little...Stop in the store anytime during the month of June, drop off something for the doggies, kitties, rabbits (you name it our local shelter has it) and while there drop your name in the jar to win a $25.00 gift certificate. Zele & Stella say thank you!

Store Happenings

Everyone's been busy at Kelly Ann's getting ready for summer...they've been working their fingers to the bones...well maybe not that hard but they have been busy doing some fun sewing. So to honor the ladies here are some pictures of their handy-work. Stop in and take a look for yourself and see what great work they do.... Happy Quilting

Happy June

Hello to June...can you believe that June is here, month 6 out of 12, wow where did the time go? Well we all know what happens in the 12th month of every year don't we....yes I'm gonna say it...Christmas...don't panic it's okay we have 6 months to get through this today in honor of there only being 6 months to get ready for Christmas I'm gonna have a give-a-way. This is a 52 piece Sweet Sixteen from Maywood Studio from their Cottage Romance line. Post a comment on where you are in your prep work for Christmas/Holiday gift making and the winner will be selected one week from if you haven't started or even thought about it don't panic winning might give you an post and become a winner. Good Luck and Happy Quilting