Sunday, June 21, 2009

Surf City NC

Well the first full day of our vacation down here in Surf City NC has been wonderful. We spent the day visiting with my MIL's cousin and his family, they are staying not far from us. The weather has been beautiful exactly what you would expect in NC in the summer. The girls are lovin' hanging with us all day and they had their first real taste of the ocean this evening, off the leash. Tomorrow we plan on taking the balls with us so they chase them into the water but it'll have to be later in the day as there is a leash law around here.

I'll try and have pictures tomorrow along with a recap of the days BFF and her DH are driving over from Havelock to spend tomorrow night with us...and fun will be had by all.

Keep quilting while I'm vacation cause I wanna see what everyone's been doing while I've been hangin' at the beach!

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