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Wordless Wednesday

Guess What I Got Today???

Isn't it exciting to get something new...don't ya just jump for joy when you know something is coming... except...when you're getting a Tetanus Shot..and yes that's the face I made when the very nice, sweet, young nurse poked my arm.   But the good news.... researches have found that eating a small amount dark chocolate a day is healthy for your heart.  So I say rejoice and eat some chocolate.... Kelly Ann

Homemade Guacamole and Hand Embroidery

So I guess you're wondering what homemade guacamole and hand embroidery have in common...nothing...but it's what I did today.  For dinner we had shrimp and guacamole and it was yummo.  The next time I make the guacamole I'll take some pictures along the way and give y'all the recipe, it is so stinkin' easy.  Some Monday's I'll make a couple of dishes so all I have to is reheat during the week, well this was one of those Mondays.  Last night we had turkey chili so there will be leftovers of that this week and today I made Chicken & Roasted Chili Stew.  I must be on a spicy kick cause the chicken stew was really kicked up a notch on the heat front.  So for the next couple of evenings after work all I'll have to do is reheat, gives me more time in the evening to sit and sew or maybe take the girls for a much deserved walk... see....they're ready for their walk.... Also today I traced the April Bareroots pattern for our Hand Emb

Where did March Go?

Can someone answer this question....where did March go?   It seems  like just yesterday it was February and we were wondering if March was gonna come in like a lion or a lamb and now I can't even remember the weather when the month started.  Do you remember growing up and wondering will I ever be 16 so I can drive, will I ever get out of high school, will I ever be 18/21 so I can have a drink (legally), how is it that when we're young days, months and years seem to drag on but the older we get we can't squeeze enough time out of one day.  I have been doing some sewing, playing with the Creative Grids 60 degree ruler, sewing on the bees latest round robin and doing some hand embroidery work.  But not really getting anything finished so there's not alot to show you, so it's been one of those starter months.  April is just around the corner and then we are off and running for the next several months, travel in April, May, June and July and I still need to fit in a

Wordless Wednesday

Happy St. Patricks Day

May the Luck of the Irish jump up and give ya big ole' Kiss!   Happy Quilting Kelly Ann


So how many out there are getting back into handwork?  I've always like doing cross stitch, you might even say at one time I was obsessed by it but that story is for another post.  I started cross stitching when I was very young, 9 or 10, you know just a few years ago.  In the 80's my great-aunt, and yes she was really that good of an aunt, owned a cross stitch/yard shop in Virginia Beach.  I would take my two weeks vacation from the bank and spend a week with her "working" in her shop so I was really in hog heaven. I moved onto basket weaving but always had something going in my stitchin' basket.  In 95' I married the most wonderful man in the world and moved to New Hampshire, you know covered bridges, falling leaves and so much friggin snow that I really needed something to do with my hands while freezing my butt off.  There was this nice little "needle arts" store in Merrimack, Needles Crossing, this is where I feel in love with silk threads, line

TNB Round Robin 2010 Starter Blocks

January brought the Scrappy Strip Quilts for the bee and the decision to start another round robin.  The decision was made and Jackie presented the idea and we were sent off to come up with a theme and a starter block.  Our February gathering was part round robin block exchange and part celebration of Jackie's birthday, sorry no pictures of the strawberry daiquiri cake that Kim didn't last long.  Dinner was turkey meatball stromboli by Nook, all I can say is yummmoooo...then cake from Kim and presents were handed out.  Trish has rejoined the group and now she is the only TNBer without a Pandora bracelet, Jackie got her bracelet and some really cute beads.   And now I present the starter blocks for this years round won't see any other pictures as we go along because we decided to keep it a secret so the next time you see any of these blocks they'll be in quilts.... Jackie's blue & white Winter themed block Trish's Christmas block...

5 Years and Counting

5 years ago today Kelly Ann's Quilting opened their doors and what a fun time it's been. With butterflies in our stomachs we unlocked the doors and anyone going to show up??? What a fun and nervous day that was, I can still remember our first customer, Valerie, and in case you're wondering...yes she still comes in. Over the past five years we've seen lots of growth at the store, from hiring our first employee, Jackie, and yes she's still with us to purchasing a Gammill long-arm, selling Husqvarna Viking sewing machines to expanding our space. We were added to the Quilters Quest in 2009 and look forward to participating in the Quest again this year. So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone that came in during the last five years and made Kelly Ann's Quilting the destination that it is today because without y'all we could never have done what do ya say...wanna stay on this ride and go for another 5 or how about 10 yea