Monday, March 1, 2010

5 Years and Counting

5 years ago today Kelly Ann's Quilting opened their doors and what a fun time it's been.
With butterflies in our stomachs we unlocked the doors and anyone going to show up??? What a fun and nervous day that was, I can still remember our first customer, Valerie, and in case you're wondering...yes she still comes in.

Over the past five years we've seen lots of growth at the store, from hiring our first employee, Jackie, and yes she's still with us to purchasing a Gammill long-arm, selling Husqvarna Viking sewing machines to expanding our space. We were added to the Quilters Quest in 2009 and look forward to participating in the Quest again this year.

So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank everyone that came in during the last five years and made Kelly Ann's Quilting the destination that it is today because without y'all we could never have done what do ya say...wanna stay on this ride and go for another 5 or how about 10 years...are ya up for the challenge?

If you're in the area this Saturday, March 6th, stop in for a frenzie of a time...there will be cookies and chocolate and demo's and laughing...lots and lots of laughing...

Until next time...
stay warm...
stay safe...
and keep Quilting...

Kelly Ann


  1. Cookies....did someone say cookies?????? I'll bring the laughing ;-)

  2. Oh wow Kelly Ann, congrats on such a successful 5 years. Wishing you many many more.

  3. Re: your quilting comment on my blog...your like a pit bull with a bone ;-) LOL.....

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  5. sorry that previous post was me signed into my dark blog - CONGRATS on 5 years!!!! A great achievement in the world of retail. Here's to your next five and my first five:)

  6. Believe me when I say, if I lived near you/your shop, I would be there with bells on. Congratulations on the Big Five!

  7. Congrats on 5 years! Thats great and what a wonderful business you have :)

  8. big congrats,,,how fun to own a shop!!!!!!
    If I didnt live so far away I would come for sure!!!!

  9. congrats on 5 years, Kelly Ann! and here's to many more!


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