Monday, March 29, 2010

Homemade Guacamole and Hand Embroidery

So I guess you're wondering what homemade guacamole and hand embroidery have in common...nothing...but it's what I did today. 

For dinner we had shrimp and guacamole and it was yummo.  The next time I make the guacamole I'll take some pictures along the way and give y'all the recipe, it is so stinkin' easy.  Some Monday's I'll make a couple of dishes so all I have to is reheat during the week, well this was one of those Mondays.  Last night we had turkey chili so there will be leftovers of that this week and today I made Chicken & Roasted Chili Stew.  I must be on a spicy kick cause the chicken stew was really kicked up a notch on the heat front.  So for the next couple of evenings after work all I'll have to do is reheat, gives me more time in the evening to sit and sew or maybe take the girls for a much deserved walk...

see....they're ready for their walk....

Also today I traced the April Bareroots pattern for our Hand Embroidery Club at the store.  I blew it up so it's bigger then the pattern, changed fabric from what the club is using, did something different with my tracing....I'll show y'all the finished product once club meets in really is gonna make you want to pick up some needle and thread and get stitchin'.

So are you on Facebook???  are you a fan of Kelly Ann's Quilting??? didn't know we have a fan page...okay here's what you do, sign on to your facebook account, search for Kelly Ann's Quilting, the correct page has a pencil drawing of the store...make sure you get the right one and you'll get sneak peeks to what's happen at the store and lots of fun interaction with all of my fans.

Gotta get going...have some stitchin to do...
see y'all around the mayonnaise farm...
Kelly Ann


  1. The mayonnaise farm?????? Then you should be eating BLT's and not chili!

  2. Just became a fan! Love the new blog background! Jenn


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