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Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.  We shall never forget....

Wordless Wednesday

Better Late....then never...SLC Shop Hop

On Wednesday before Spring Quilt Market we went on a little shop hop....check out our first stop...I could have stayed in this shop all day, Nadine had some many nook and crannies to look at and go ooh and aah over....just take a look and see for yourself.... The Material Girls Quilts in South Jordan Utah.. So if you are ever in South Jordan Utah pop in and tell Nadine I said won't regret the stop...I promise... until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann


I've read blog post in the past about who people would sit down to dinner with and I've given it some thought, if the list was unlimited I'd have a massive table but what if the list could only include 4 names, living or dead, who would it be.... John F. Kennedy...I would love to hear what he thought of the world today, the changes in our country, and life in general... Ernest Hemingway...if the man spoke like he wrote I could listen to him talk for days.  I get completely absorbed in his writing... Mark Twain...look at that hair..who wouldn't want this story teller at their table..and that hair, there has to be a story about that hair... John Belushi...the man was a comic genius... There's a peek into my tell me...who would you like to sit down and have dinner with? Until next time... Be Kind Kelly Ann

Day after Wordless Wednesday...

Salt Lake City

So you know that I headed to Salt Lake early, and I mean early, this morning but Market doesn't officially start till Thursday so I got to spend the day with Andrew and his BFF, Kenning. If it weren't for the fact that our business is in Virginia, Andrew's job is in Virginia, I love living on the east coast, and I'm not the biggest fan of snow I could see myself living in SLC. A beautiful city, Salt Lake was settled in 1847 and is full of beautiful craftsman style homes...some are to die for. Spring has sprung and is giving us a beautiful show of color...the tulips are amazing. We took a walk this afternoon and I snapped a few pictures to share but guess what...I'm using my iPad on this trip and have no way to transfer pictures so guess you'll have to stay tuned for when I get back and download a ton of pictures...y'all will find this place amazing. So.. Until next time... Be kind... Kelly Ann


That's how many feet I am...straight up...kind of cool to blog from the comforts (not really comfortable)of the center seat on a Delta Airlines flight heading to Salt Lake...gotta love technology... Until next time From the ground Be Kind Kelly Ann

Salt Lake City....

Here I come...the city will never be the same... Spring Quilt Market is in Salt Lake this year and I'm super excited to see what I'll find...I promise to share lots of photos when I get back but to hold you over till then keep checking the stores Facebook page. Until next time.. Be kind... Kelly Ann

Happy Mothers Day

I know we all say this....but....I have the best mother in the world....and she's a beauty... love ya Mom.... KA

Wordless Wednesday

Creative type?

Do you consider yourself a creative type? I know as a quilters so many times we follow patterns but do you stray from those patterns? I've been reading blogs on various creativity lately and it's got me wondering...just how creative am I? So I'm gonna challenge myself to be more creative...wanna join me?...I'm thinking this just might be fun.. Until next time... Be Creative Kelly Ann

Day Off

When you have a day off what do you like to do?  Quilt, garden, cook, read, sleep....well today I'm gonna try all of the above... WISH ME LUCK!!! I'll be back with an update on how much of the above I did.... Kelly Ann  UPDATE::: Planted what seems like a gazillion plants in pots, made two trips to Lowes and one trip to Home Depot. Didn't get a nap, read a little but not enough...and did zero quilting...and dinner, soup for me and egg sandwich for I have my feet up and am almost ready for an early, how did you spend your day off? KA