Friday, May 20, 2011


I've read blog post in the past about who people would sit down to dinner with and I've given it some thought, if the list was unlimited I'd have a massive table but what if the list could only include 4 names, living or dead, who would it be....
John F. Kennedy...I would love to hear what he thought of the world today, the changes in our country, and life in general...

Ernest Hemingway...if the man spoke like he wrote I could listen to him talk for days.  I get completely absorbed in his writing...
Mark Twain...look at that hair..who wouldn't want this story teller at their table..and that hair, there has to be a story about that hair...

John Belushi...the man was a comic genius...

There's a peek into my tell me...who would you like to sit down and have dinner with?

Until next time...
Be Kind
Kelly Ann


  1. What an intresting thought.....hmm..Abraham Lincoln, Elvis Pressley ,Betsy Ross, and Florence Nightingale.

  2. Charles Darwin, Mr. Clifford (my 6th grade teacher), Steven Hawking, and Jesus Christ, especially if we could all have dinner together.


  3. Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln & Einstein

  4. Good post! I would love to have dinner with Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo da Vinci, Maya Angelou and Mae West! Brilliant men and strong women!

  5. Hmmmmm...Well, first off, Oprah of course, and second, Michelle Obama, third, Sarah Ferguson, and fourth, my Mom, who passed a few years ago.

  6. Love your choices. But now you know that John belushi will make a mess, throwing mashed potatoes and what not.


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