Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Salt Lake City

So you know that I headed to Salt Lake early, and I mean early, this morning but Market doesn't officially start till Thursday so I got to spend the day with Andrew and his BFF, Kenning. If it weren't for the fact that our business is in Virginia, Andrew's job is in Virginia, I love living on the east coast, and I'm not the biggest fan of snow I could see myself living in SLC.

A beautiful city, Salt Lake was settled in 1847 and is full of beautiful craftsman style homes...some are to die for. Spring has sprung and is giving us a beautiful show of color...the tulips are amazing. We took a walk this afternoon and I snapped a few pictures to share but guess what...I'm using my iPad on this trip and have no way to transfer pictures so guess you'll have to stay tuned for when I get back and download a ton of pictures...y'all will find this place amazing.

Until next time...
Be kind...

Kelly Ann

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  1. Hi Toots
    Enjoy Quilt Market!! Thinking of you. We are Open, Open, Open and loving it ) tired but loving it!!!.


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