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Happy 2011

May 2011 bring all that your hearts desire...and that includes Cupcakes... Peace to all Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday Dreamin'

After Christmas Chillin'

How many of us feel like this? In between Christmas and the New Year take a few minutes to just chill..take a lesson from Zele & Stella, find a warm something to lay on, cover with a blanket and hang with your favorite peeps. until next time... Stay Warm... Kelly Ann

Winter Sunset

I stepped out to fill the bird feeders this afternoon and this is what I saw from my front porch...thought  I'd share.... makes me wish I were a painter... stay warm and remember... Keep on Dancin'.... Kelly Ann

Merry Christmas 2010

From our Family... to yours.... Merry Christmas... Kelly Ann, Andrew, Zele & Stella

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and lots still to be done before Santa arrives....but all of that can wait for one minute while I wish each and everyone of you a..... and to all a good night.... Kelly Ann

How did this Happen?

For the next several days I'll be running around crazy like so keep the festive spirit going my next several post will be random Christmas pictures from my home...I'll be back all chatty cathy once I get caught up... Have a Marvelous Day... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Trend Alert

As quilt shop owners we try and keep our eyes open for new trends, something fun and refreshing but there's a trend that do I say this...kind of strange. not pork but Bacon...let me share with you some of the things that are being made into bacon-like...  Bacon Martini....Wrong  Bacon Watch...I think NOT...  Bacon Gum.....Ewwwww  Bacon Toothpicks....Double Ewwwwwww  Bacon Shoes....NOT Kevin that's much better So...have you seen this trend?  It's popping up all over, bacon knitted scarves, name it people are either doing something that looks like bacon or taking bacon and making things out of I'm interested to see what the next new trend is gonna be but for now I think I'll pass on the bacon shoes... Until Next time.. Be Kind... Stay Warm... and have a marvelous Day.... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Shopping Update

Okay you can call off the dogs....I made it home safe and sound from all the shopping and wind...OMG...the wind was so bad I saw a man chasing his toupee and it was still on his head...sorry had that vision in my head all day and had to share.  I know all of you are curious about what I picked up today...well the big find of the day was.... I would like to introduce you to Harry...Happy Harry Holiday to be exact but we'll just call him Harry... and this is how Harry entertains us... and yes... we do lead an exciting life... until next time... keep on dancin'... Kelly Ann


If I'm not back tomorrow send out.... heading out to do this.... wish me luck.... until next time... be kind... and... rewind... Kelly Ann

One Year Ago

One year ago this weekend this is what was happening in our area... 27 inches with this storm...  Washington DC was in total shut-down and while the traffic is always bad in DC it's not this bad where people resort to walking sticks. and life was no picnic...just sayin'... We woke that morning to light flurries, no big deal, it was a Saturday so we got up and out to open the store, it was the day for the annual Christmas parade and parking is a premium.  We're watching the snow fall, and fall, and fall, by noon the parade had been called off and we made the decision to please...keep your fingers crossed that we don't get snow like this for a very long time and that the parade goes off without a hitch today. Until next time... Stay Warm... and.... be safe out there.... Kelly Ann


So how do you decorate when it comes to the holidays?  Are you an over the top kind of decorator? or will a simple tree and wreath do for you....or...are you one of these? This year while pulling out the boxes I decided to go with a simpler idea of decorating and because I already use alot of green in my house I just pulled in a few red highlights, filled my glass containers with pretty green and red balls and voila...decorating is done and come time to un-decorate it'll be easy peasy... So tell me...which one of the decorators are you? Until next time... Have a Grand Day!! Kelly Ann

Pantie Raid Update

So tell me....what do ya think of this.... we had 64 packages which is about 320+ pair of panties...THANK YOU..THANK YOU...I can not say that enough.  What a great first time collection.  I called the Safe Shelter and chatted with their director yesterday and she was thrilled.  There are two houses for the women and children and both are full so these panties couldn't have come at a better time.  It's December 2nd and with Christmas only 23 days away I'm sure everyone is done decorating, baking, wrapping....I know I just crack myself up...if you're not done with any of these activities don't feel like... I'm right there with you..... So....get out there... and make today a Great one!! Kelly Ann