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Shop Hop Wrap Up

It is always amazing to me that we spend months getting ready for our annual shop hop, Quilters' Quest , and in a blink of an eye it's come and gone. And this year I totally forgot to take pictures..ME..the one that walks around taking pictures of leaves on the ground forgot to take pictures. We had new passport peeps...Colleen & Dena...and one returning stamper...Mickie..thank you for helping out this year. We also had a guest demo peep... Penni from Cabin in the Woods Quilter..THANK you to Penni for introducing so many quilters to her scrap books and templates. Another BIG..HUGE..THANK YOU goes out to the team at KAQ...Angie, Sally, Leslee & Artie...we worked our tushes off. AND a big THANK YOU to all the quilters that traveled through all of our crazy traffic but you have to admit beautiful the big reveal...the winners are... Again, thank you to everyone that helps pull this off..with 10 shops..9 buses...hundreds of quilters...we all