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New Team Member

We always like to introduce the newest team member to KAQ and this time it is no exception. This journey started in June when we made a little trip to Boston VA to meet a sweet litter of pups Now I'm only guessing that these two pictures "may" be the new team member...cause they were all #stinkincute and all looked smooshy and lovey. Introducing Blackbird's Bodhi - we call him Bodhi - Bo-dee is how it is pronounced. A lot of people are asking where his name comes from. " in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding  the true nature of things . It is traditionally translated into English with the word  enlightenment , although its literal meaning is closer to "awakening". The verbal root "budh" means  to awaken ." Bodhi & Andrew (AKA. Mr. Kelly Ann) on the ride home Bodhi meeting big sister Stella T. Rottenbear Dog - as of today she is still unsure about him but she is getting better about