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O'my Shoes...

Out of the blue Laurie, Saturday gal at the store, said "I got new shoes...we should do something special for our customers this Saturday" I'm thinking...sure..actually I'm thinking.."girl you are nuts" but I went with it.  So what did Laurie come up with...Awesome Shoe Saturday, you just had to stop in and show us your awesome shoes and get a discount off one item.  OMG...did we ever have a fun time, even had one customer show up wearing two different awesome shoes...and yes she got a double discount. Warning...there are lots of pictures...but they are stick with me here.. These are the shoes that started off all this craziness.... I'd say my customers are some pretty good sports... now...if they had showed up wearing these.. y'all would have heard me squeal all over the world...sure do wish I could wear these... Until next time.. be kind... and remember.. awesome sho


Taking the blog on a serious tone today...   Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is one of the leading causes of  death among infants one month through one year of age in the United States.  Most people hear about SIDS because they know someone who knows someone who lost a child. I've been unfortunate to know two families that have lost children to SIDS.  There are many faces to SIDS, the one that is lost, we see those pictures, a baby smiling and being loved by  their family but what most don't see are the faces left behind.  Not the days and weeks and  months but the years that follow this loss still leaves these families with the heartbreak of  losing a sweet innocent life.   On September 28, 2004 my friend, Michelle, lost her son, Brisan, to SIDS.   This weekend  a great group of people calling themselves Brisan's Bunch will be running 200 miles from  Gettysburg PA to Washington DC to raise awareness and funds to help put an end to SIDS.

American Bandstand

American Bandstand....anyone else remember watching and dancing to the music on Saturday Mornings? and then there was this guy?  We got to know Dick Clark and all the dancers...we felt like part of the group... Dick Clark...always young in your heart and our minds...Rest in Peace Dick. until next time be kind Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Perk Up...

I finished up this little stitchery last night, played with some wool and voila all done... but I just felt like this picture needed a little something else... There...much better.... until next time... be kind.... Kelly Ann

Whatcha think??

I finished up this little quilt for our Stash Busters club and after working out in the yard all day decided to use my flowering bushes as a backdrop for some pictures... so... which one do you like... Yellow Azalea's Pink Azalea's White Iris White Iris done 60's style White Zele dog Pink Bleeding Hearts & Hostas with 2 dogs Okay this is just another picture with 2 dogs and 1 quilt but y'all know how I love my two dogs... So...which one do you like??   until next time... be kind... Kelly Ann

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

Okay...I'm not giving away a chicken dinner...but the winners of Friday the 13th giveaway are... drumroll please... Melissa Apr 13, 2012 08:12 PM So cute! It's been a rotten day so I could use a little happiness! My computer is acting up since the Microsoft update on Tuesday, the A/C in the van just crapped out and it appears someone charged $51 on my credit card from LUXEMBOURG (sp) and the bank says I have to call during regular business hours. Melissa you won ...  Simply Cakes... and ... mefutch Apr 13, 2012 05:56 PM Been doing taxes today instead of quilting! :( I've never met the ladies, but do love their patterns. Either prize would be great! With a grandson turning 2, I'm always looking for new patterns to make him a quick quilt. Our local government has instituted a 'bag tax' so we pay 5-cents for every store bag, so I'm always looking for a cute bag to carry when shopping. Thanks for the give away! mefutch you won...

Lucky Friday 13th...

No bad luck around here is someone's lucky day.  While at Quilt Market last fall I ran into these two nuts.. Barb & Mary of Me and My Sister Designs if y'all think I'm crazy...they have me beat! These two sisters know how to rock a booth... okay...all at one time...STINKIN' CUTE...don'tcha think? They have the best imagination when it comes to displays...seriously who would have come up with a light fixture like this?  Fake grass from Ikea, tin flashing and who knows what else they used...but so stinkin' cute. Now to the "lucky" part of today.... Barb and Mary gave me two patterns to giveaway... so here goes.... First up.... Olivia Bag, a fun, flirty and fabulous bag! and... Simply Cakes, 3 fast, fun and easy quilts! Y'all know how this works, leave me a message and I'll draw first thing tomorrow morning... Two winners will be selected... Good Luck...

Do you???

Do you hang out on Facebook?   I do...and I find it interesting some of the conversations we have over there on the  Kelly Ann's Quilting  page like... do you carve out little bits of time during your day to sew or do you prefer to  sit down and do long spans of quilting? We talk about seam ripper replacement, perfect just never know  what we'll talk if you're on Facebook and haven't like Kelly Ann's Quilting take a quick click over and "like" us... lots of fun to be had.. until next time be kind Kelly Ann

Quilts & Roosters...

If you've been following my blog for any length of time you know that I'm fascinated with chickens and the stinkin' cute chicken coops out this one from Heather Bullards blog yes I know...STINKIN' cute... While I was out taking pictures today of a new quilt for the shop I thought I would share my rooster...well he may not be a chicken but it's as close as I'm gonna get to having one in my yard... Do you see him???? Until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

The Air Needs A Bath...

It's that time of the year..... The air needs a bath to scrub it of all the pollen.... do you have allergy issues?  Lots of sneezing and coughing going on around here.... until next time waiting for the rain Kelly Ann

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my peeps... Kelly Ann

Sewing vs Gardening

When the weather turns nice do you continue to.... sew.... or do you... photo courtesy turn to the great outdoors and play in the dirt??? Until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Super Powers..

If you had one super power what would it be?    photo courtesy Flash??? You could be a speed demon, think of all the stuff you could get done in one day, cleaning, cooking...QUILTING... or would you be... photo courtesy Superman??? X-ray vision...super strength...flying...O'my that's a lot of powers to have but the flying would be kind of cool.. or would you be.... photo courtesy Garfield????? Come on you get it don't ya?   Super Sleeper.... Until Next Time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Until Next Time... Be Kind.... Kelly Ann


Color is everywhere right now... from the bleeding hearts that are thriving in their shaded flower bed... to my lilac that traveled all the way from Michigan as a single sprig... The bright greens in the new leaves popping out in the trees and the grass so green that you want to capture that color on a quilt... do you ever find inspiration for your quilts in color of nature?   where do you find your color inspiration?   Until Next Time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann