Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whatcha think??

I finished up this little quilt for our Stash Busters club and after working out in the yard all day decided to use my flowering bushes as a backdrop for some pictures...

which one do you like...

Yellow Azalea's

Pink Azalea's

White Iris

White Iris done 60's style

White Zele dog

Pink Bleeding Hearts & Hostas with 2 dogs

Okay this is just another picture with 2 dogs and 1 quilt but y'all know how I love my two dogs...

So...which one do you like??  

until next time...
be kind...

Kelly Ann


  1. I like the Iris picture but the dogs are priceless

    1. Thanks Janet...the girls are priceless...KA

  2. Most everybody loves dogs...I vote for those two big guys. The brown one has a look that says these are my colors.

  3. Yeah, but white goes with everything ;)

  4. Pink Bleeding Hearts, Hostas and 2 dogs!

  5. I think the Pink Azaleas shows your quilt to best advantage, but the one with the two girls, bleeding hearts, and hosta is so sweet!

  6. I like 3 of 7 ...but love the girls and the quilt, too.

  7. white Iris and White Zele are my favorites…but all all nice photos and great quilt

  8. Love it on the fence with iris. And you can't beat it with the girls either !

  9. Love #3 and #6

    Love that quilt!!!!!

    Janet xox

    PS.....OMGosh...I forgot to bring you the picnic basket!!!!! Do you still need it?


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