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Retreat update...

I knew when it was time to pack for the show owners retreat that I should have pulled my check-list and checked it off... Now..this is a modified list...but do you see what is left "unchecked"? YEP...I sent my machine to Florida a week ago and the foot pedal decided that it wanted to stay in Virginia. AND guess what else I didn't can see it..I brought one ruler, I didn't bring a square ruler but thankfully some of my friends did so I'm not totally out of luck.  So to the wonderful husband for taking the foot pedal to UPS and over nighting the foot pedal..and my peeps here for lending me their square rulers. And before you get too jealous about me being in Florida while everyone got snow in is FREEEzzzzing down there... So.. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017sewposium

Do you???

Do you go on retreats? How do you decide on what to take with you? Do you take new projects to start or maybe a pile of projects to finish up or better yet, a little of both? I am heading out for a few days of sewing with some fun shop owners...sewing and networking, a perfect combo..BUT...I can't decide what to far I've packed... 48 Fat Quarters from various lines 8 yards of background fabric Two Wool projects Hand Embroidery to trace and one to finish that I started 4 years ago (it's not that big 😉) Block of the Month-half done you think I've packed enough? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017yearofoverpacking

You're gonna make it...

I was a huge fan of her show...who didn't want to live in that apartment? Go out and MAKE it a great day Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017RIPMTM

Finish or Forget it!

Do you a stack of UFO's nagging you? bogging you down so you can't figure out where to start? Do you have that project that you can't even think of finishing but don't want to part with it? Do you have that UFO that you started but can't seem to finish and need permission to let it go? THEN.. This event is for you.. Saturday, January 28 is National Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day. We invite you to join us as we present Finish or Forget It ... breaking up your stash! With so many UFO's floating around in our stash we felt now was the perfect time to gather them up, bring 6 to 12 into the shop, and let us help you sort our what needs to be Finished or what needs to be Forgotten. You'll leave this fun event with 6 projects that you'll have 6 months to complete. The rest of your projects can be passed down to new quilters in our pay it forward movement for 2017. There will be support throughout the next six months with emails, a private F

Tuesday Tip

This Tuesday Tip is brought to you from The Art of Manliness.. Needling the thread....the first time I heard this I was like WHAT???? And I will confess I get frustrated with it but once I found this blog post with step by step instructions with pictures... totally made sense.. Hope this helps you with Needling the Tread Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017TuesdayTip

Stash Buster Sunday

Cloudy and rainy day in Virginia...a perfect day to Bust up yo' Stash! I came across this scrappy red quilt while hanging out on Pinterest  and knew it would be perfect to share on the Stash Buster Sunday... It took some time but with lots of clicks and following links I found the pattern for y'all.. Over on Sew We Quilt blog  you can find the pattern for this quilt...super easy and a great stash buster... So..who's up for some busting up their stash today? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017StashbusterSunday

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...

Now that you have the theme song to Rawhide in your head let me show you this little tool that will forever change how you do quick pressing... The Clover Roll & Press came out at Fall Quilt Market last year and while I did order it for the shop I was skeptical on how well it would work...well let me tell you...I LOVE this little tool. I decided to do a comparison between the Roll & Press and an actual iron... Here's the's not too big and the curve of the handle makes it easy to use I started off setting my seam A little press to open up my piecing, check out how my finger fits perfectly on the top of the Roll & Press. So you tell me...which block was done with the Roll & Press and which one with the iron.. can't tell can you? Now I don't recommend this to make a whole quilt, while I think you can I also think your hand would get tired from finger pressing the seam. What I found using this tool fro

Weather Alert

So there are two kinds of people when they see "Weather Alert" come across their TV or pop up on their Facebook page.  There's the ... OH NO...I have so much to do... I have to open the shop... I was going grocery shopping... or the... YIPPEE...WOOT WOOT...WAHOOOO...I'm gonna stay in my jammies all day and sew... The weather guesses are saying we're gonna have a cold, wet, slippery day tomorrow. Starting off with snow, then freezing rain and coating everything with a thin or thick layer of ice. This afternoon I made the decision to close the shop, there's no reason to put anyone's life in danger, while the fabric and notions at KAQ are amazing and wonderful...I want everyone to be safe.  NOW.. If I wake up in the morning and there's no ice..and it looks like everything has moved north of us I will make the executive decision..cause when you are the Chief Bottle Washer of your own business you can do that...make executi

Scissor of the Month Club

I am a HUGE fan of scissors..LOVE when I was working from home today and looked down..this is what I saw. After I posted the picture on Instagram and Facebook I found that I'm not the only one that LOVES scissors. For all you scissor fans have I got a fun deal for you...join our 6 month Scissor of the Month Club. Sign up and commit to all 6 months and receive 15% off the cost of the scissors. The cost of the club will be between $8.99 and $39.99 per month depending on the scissor but never more then the top range. We are starting off with 15 Club members so don't delay in signing up. You can call the shop 540-341-8890, stop in..or if you don't live local we are happy to mail your way and sign up online , don't let the cost online scare you away it won't allow me to put in a range so it's the upper end but I promise you that is NOT the monthly cost. And to tease you a little more...the first month we'll be shipping this pair of scissors  

Valentine Prep

I know...we just finished with Christmas and I'm jumping in to Valentines Day...but that's the life of a retailer and quilter. I was busy this weekend prepping for 5 .. yes FIVE.. Valentines Day samples. Most are smaller wall hangings, pillows, table toppers and even a cute little original one with linen and wool heart. As I sat down last night to cut out the applique letters for the two newest Kimberbell Designs  pillows I I the only one that tries to leave the background all in one piece..ya know, like peeling an apple trying to keep the peel one long peel... I cut out one of the hearts and thought it was the perfect frame for my still standing Christmas tree..notice the red & white lights...for now I'm calling it my Valentine tree but I do draw the line in adding green lights for St. Patricks Day. So tell you try to keep your background all in one piece when cutting out for applique? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017ke

Do as I say...

Y'all have heard me preach about taking care of your machine..clean it out after every bobbin change, changed the needle at least every 8 hours, get it serviced annually, keep it clean and love it... But..alas...this happened today... I had not sewed since before well before Christmas and I normally leave my machine clean and ready to go but I must have been in a hurry. I ran out of bobbin while quilting a Valentine 💕 Day sample (see above rule for cleaning out machine after each bobbin change) so I open it up and HOLY COWPIES BATMAN..this is what I found. So what is any quilter/shop owner suppose to do? Yep..share it on Instagram and Facebook and pay the piper as your friends give you "what for" for letting your machine get so bad. that I've shown you the error of my ways...tell me, do you clean out your machine after each bobbin change? Fess up..we all want to know! Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017keepingitreal

Where is it?

Where is my ... fill in the blank...LOL this is my cutting table, as I was cleaning the section of my studio that I shared in the first picture I needed a place to put some of the stuff on the floor..yep you guessed it..right on top of my cutting table. But then guess what happened...yep...I needed something and guess where it was...yep...under that pile of quilts. But all is not lost..I found those little pair of scissors and I managed to clean off the cutting table and the rest of the room...well let's just say it's a in progress. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017keepingitreal 

Finish Up Friday

Our first Show and Tell of 2017 Laura brought in the first show and tell of the new exciting that she finished up this amazing quilt and the year has just begun. I can't wait to see more show and tells...and can't wait to share more on Finish Up Fridays on the blog. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017FinishUpFriday

A Post

Sometimes a POST is just a post...😉 Until Next time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017beingsilly

One at a Time

I'll be showing you one section of my sewing studio at a time...I'll show it to you in it's hot mess state and then once I have it organized I'll share what I've done. Up first... this is reality...I hope the next time I show you the space you'll see a new reality. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017TimetoClean

Be the Change

I ordered the Be the Change pins last Spring in an effort to bring awareness to shopping and supporting small local businesses. While out Christmas shopping I came across this journal and knew I had to have it. The Shop Small movement speaks to me and I truly believe that if more people would be part of the change then small towns across America would begin to thrive and grow. I know that sometimes there's not an option to shopping local when it comes to quilting supplies but that doesn't mean you can't support the local quilt shop in the next town over..or maybe the local quilt shop that has an online presence. So...When you hear or see the words... Be the Change...what comes to mind? I have a few of the Be the Change pins at the shop...if you want to be part of the movement..pop in and see me..I'm happy to give you a pin! Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017BetheChange

Show and Tell

Everyone loves Show and Tell...I know that at KAQ we all get excited to see what everyone's working on or has finished up...and when there are other quilters in the shop they too get all excited to participate. The weeks leading up to Christmas we saw a few show and tells that I was able to snap some pictures of and I thought y'all might want to see them... Betsy showed us this #stinkincute quilt..kicking myself that I didn't snap a picture of the was wild! Another Betsy finish up...I know all the collage sports fans will recognize these colors from UVA. Gwen hand felted this ... and this is where I always get in trouble with my fiber animal friends..this cutie is either an Alpaca or a Llama ... y'all tell me..but what ever it is she did a great job felting the wool.   Another Gwen finish up...I'm wondering if she is looking for it to snow or if the little flakes in in the cutie will be enough Paulette finished this one up

Year in Review

Here's a look back on 2016... Fuzzy was my mothers kitty...he left us this year and left a big hole in my mamas heart.  The start of a great relationship with this bike in our front window..we've spent lots of fun times decorating this old beach bike. My blue chair...the newest addition to my flower garden The bookbag drive for Fauquier FISH was a HUGE success wth the help of lots of KAQ peeps. Fun times...always at KAQ Fun times with some friends as we prepare to take to the high seas for a cruising vacation Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City...isn't Gail Pan so #stinkincute? We are always #Misbeehaven at KAQ These two pups fill our home with love and laughter 2016 found us introducing more wool to the shop My WORD for 2017..with all the madness going around the world I felt this one word would be my mission to spread throughout 2017 and beyond. So there you have it...some pictures make you s