Monday, January 2, 2017

Show and Tell

Everyone loves Show and Tell...I know that at KAQ we all get excited to see what everyone's working on or has finished up...and when there are other quilters in the shop they too get all excited to participate.

The weeks leading up to Christmas we saw a few show and tells that I was able to snap some pictures of and I thought y'all might want to see them...

Betsy showed us this #stinkincute quilt..kicking myself that I didn't snap a picture of the was wild!

Another Betsy finish up...I know all the collage sports fans will recognize these colors from UVA.

Gwen hand felted this ... and this is where I always get in trouble with my fiber animal friends..this cutie is either an Alpaca or a Llama ... y'all tell me..but what ever it is she did a great job felting the wool.  

Another Gwen finish up...I'm wondering if she is looking for it to snow or if the little flakes in in the cutie will be enough

Paulette finished this one up and it is stunning...

So make sure you pop in with your show and tell...we'll post them here on the blog and on the shops Facebook page.

Until Next Time

Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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