Sunday, January 29, 2017

Do you???

Do you go on retreats?

How do you decide on what to take with you? Do you take new projects to start or maybe a pile of projects to finish up or better yet, a little of both?

I am heading out for a few days of sewing with some fun shop owners...sewing and networking, a perfect combo..BUT...I can't decide what to far I've packed...

48 Fat Quarters from various lines

8 yards of background fabric

Two Wool projects

Hand Embroidery to trace and one to finish that I started 4 years ago (it's not that big 😉)

Block of the Month-half done you think I've packed enough?

Until Next Time

Be Kind

Kelly Ann


  1. Enjoy your retreat. You have enough. Take the opportunity to breathe, rest, and be kind to you. Retreats are opportunities to refresh, and refocus. Enjoy the time away Kelly Ann.

    1. I might have stuffed something else in my carry on before leaving the house.

  2. Is your retreat 2 months long? ha ha I always take too much to retreats because I want options. Then I usually concentrate on one thing! But I feel okay about it because I have options waiting in the wings!

    1. OMGeeee...I knew I would forget something...the foot peddle to my machine..


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