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Wordless Wednesday


This.... place is always open when you have a key...  Was cutting out a stinkin' cute kit today when I miscut the main fabric, a quick run into town and back and now I'm ready to try it again... wish me luck... until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Time flies...

I wonder how many blogpost I start off does time fly...a gazillion maybe?  I've been knee deep in planning, planning for our Tour de Quilt , planning for Quilt Market , and planning for Quilters' Quest . Tour de Quilt  was amazing, got to meet lots of new and fun people with lots of laughing and long days on my feet.  Was lucky that I got to spend the day with one of my fun peeps, Susan, and then have dinner with her and our husbands, and yes lots and lots of laughing was going on. Quilt Market is coming up, as a matter of fact I leave next Thursday for a action packed five days, I will do my best to blog while there, hopefully snap some pictures. Quilters' Quest  starts 9 days after returning from Quilt Market so once my feet hit the ground back in Virginia from Texas they won't stop for several weeks. To keep up to date on my day to day going ons make sure and check out the Kelly Ann's Quilting  Facebook page. I promise not to be gone so long

Wordless Wednesday

Road Trip to Georgia...

We recently took a road trip to Georgia and stopped in to visit my friend Melisa at Sweet Home Quilt Co in Conyers Ga.  Because our car wasn't big enough to take y'all with us I thought I'd share some of the pictures from her stinkin' cute quilt shop... Wanna go for a ride???  Cute displays through out the store...  Pay no attention to the man behind the counter...that's Mike...everyone say hey to Mike!  Don't you just want to take a nap under that quilt?  Love her bathroom...look closely at those little "cups" hanging on the wall...  They are not really cups but little potties...Potties for the Potty.... Now after seeing this pictures don't you want to hop in the car and drive to Conyers Georgia and pay a visit???   if you do tell Melisa & Mike I said hi.... until next time Be Kind... Kelly Ann