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Sunflowers and Selfies

A visit to Burnside Farms to visit their sunflower fields has been on my calendar since last year. You see while running the shop I never took the time to stop and smell the flowers and I was determined that would change once I had closed and wrapped things up. Leslee and I have been rescheduling this visit and it was time to hit the road. I didn't know what to expect because I've only seen fields of sunflowers, all the same size, all planted at the same time. What we found was a huge field that had been segmented off with each segment planted at a different time so they could have sunflowers throughout summer into fall. I know we both were expecting to see more of the GIANT flowers and more variety of colors, but they only had one segment of the giant flowers and we only saw a few that weren't the traditional yellow with dark centers. But we weren't disappointed with the flowers we saw and we enjoyed our time walking around the flowers.

FLW - Fallingwater

Every time we travel to Oak Park Illinois I renew my love of the prairie style of architecture and the building/designs of Frank Lloyd Wright . From 1887 to 1959 FLW never stopped designing and re-designing and changing his style. Take a few minutes to read about FLW in the link. In 2017 we took a road trip to Oak Park to visit family and Andrew and I toured FLW's home and studio. I will say that I love his style of the building but decorating, not so much. He was very determined that all space be used and nothing wasted, the homes furniture needed to go with the building, and I know people that love that, me not so much but I can appreciate it. This year we stopped at Fallingwater in Mill Run Pennsylvania. It is close enough for a day trip we just never made the effort, I'm so sorry that we didn't go sooner. The house is very lovely but it's all about how it is built into the landscape. The house was built for the Kaufmann Family who owned the Kaufmann Department

Vacation Musings

This is the first real vacation we've taken since I closed the shop and I gotta say it was awesome. I did travel with my computer, iPad, and phone but mostly those were for reading my book, playing a game and posting pictures on Instagram. No worries about what was going on at the shop, how sales were, and if the daily sales numbers were where it should be. We've not worried for years about where our pets go for their vacations while we're gone, Pam and Charlie are amazing and have become family to us and our pets. The shop was the big worry hanging over my head while we traveled, but not this time. So, here is a rundown of our 10-day road trip in case you didn't follow along on Instagram. Days 1, 2 & a bit of 3 were spent with some dear friends at their new home; fun times of eating, antiquing and lots and lots of conversation, great conversation, can't wait to do it again. Days 3, 4, 5 a bit of 6 were with family in Oak Park Illinois. Andrew's siste