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Hot Coco?

Can ya tell what's on my mind? Be Kind Kelly Ann

It's a Beautiful Morning

Pat blamed Bonnie I'm blaming Pat

Pat Sloan blames Bonnie Hunter and now I'm blaming Pat...  Every six months or so I feel like I"m reading way too many blogs so I start cutting back but before you know it my numbers are back up...well now there's a test that shows just how addicted to blogging I am... 94% How Addicted to Blogging Are You? So...just how addicted to blogging are you? Until Next Time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann


Need I say more....... Be Kind Kelly Ann

Looking Back

Winter always seems to bring a sense of reflection for so many of it what we've accomplished in our quilting world, our personal life, our business, friends...and the list goes on and on..I thought I would share with you a glimpse into what some of the great quilters from Kelly Ann's Quilting managed to accomplish in 2010... If you want to see each one individually go to the online quilt show ...  we've kept the online quilt show up since 2005, so grab something warm to drink and sit back and enjoy... until next time... remember... Be Kind and... stay Warm...


I use to love fancy dancy shoes...I would go Lady GaGa over shoes and because I worked in banking and had to dress a bit conservative I would always pump up the volume on my shoes.  But...alas my feet will no longer take those cute little went from.... this...   to this... to this...yes I have several pairs of these crocs...       but this is what I really want to be wear...all day, every day.... you have a favorite kind of shoe?  or are you one of those like minded people that proclaims...BRING ON THE long as they're cute... hope your toes stay nice and toasty... looks like snow in our future... so until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

New Stuff

Who doesn't love new stuff?  We just finished that busy time of the when gift giving and new stuff is all around but there is one more new thing I just wanted to share with y'all, check out our new website at Kelly Ann's Quilting .  Six years ago as we were gearing up to open our doors Andrew sat down and spent hours on the website and what a great job he did but like everything it was time for a change.  So again, Andrew sat down for hours and with some different tools was able to come up with our new what do y'all think?   Lots of new changes coming... so until next time... Be Kind.... Kelly Ann


I'm not a huge collector of any one thing, I have bits and pieces of things I like and I'm happy with that but lately I've been drawn to vintage sewing boxes...or I should say vintage sewing stuff.  I spend hours online looking through ebay, etsy, google images, you name it I'm out there searching the world for vintage sewing stuff.  Here are a few that I've found along the way...and I mean a least for now I'm only collecting images, just hope I don't need to add an external hard-drive to save them all... Thread and buttons....I love old spools of thread...and buttons...I could see jars and jars of buttons in my sewing studio...answer this...can one have too many buttons?  I think not... until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann


Today is the first day of a new year and everyone has high hopes of keeping their resolutions.  I've never been one to make resolutions because honestly I don't think I'd keep them, never start a diet, an exercise program and the whole I'm not buying any new blah blah blah, well that's just not gonna happen.  But I will share with you one thing that I will continue to do that I started in the last part of 2010, I will wake up every morning and try and put a positive spin on my day and do a little happy dance... I've read that it takes 6 weeks to make a change stick and 3 days to break what change are you willing to stick with for 6 weeks to make it stick?  Happy New Year... I just know one thing.... It's gonna be an Awesome Year! Kelly Ann