Monday, April 1, 2013

Lovin' my new cutter...

Last fall I popped into the Olfa booth and got a sneak peek at their
new Rotary Cutter Splash. I was super excited when I contacted them about
donating a prize for my cruise and I received one of the, yet to be released, Splash Cutters.
Fran won the rotary cutter and was the envy of all the quilters on the cruise.

We arrived back on Monday and while ordering notions for the shop I saw that Splash had been
released...AGAIN...super excited because I wanted one and couldn't wait to get my hands on
the newest addition to the Olfa Rotary Cutter line. The first 10 arrived in the shop and before the end of the weekend I had to order another 20...yes everyone was like me and wanted one.
Here is the picture I shared on my Facebook page

Aren't they beautiful???

Sunday I was cutting out the first month of the Swirly Girls Clubhouse and loved
that my rotary cutter matched my stinkin' cute is that?

So in case you are wonder what the difference between the new Splash Rotary Cutter
and the original 45mm Cutter...see for yourself..

The Splash handle is tapered and fits more comfortably in your hand...

They both open the same....

Wait...what's that on the back? You see the old one with it's little black screw...the new Splash
has the easy peasy quick change slide...SWEET...

Look...the Splash blade just pops off...and the older one you have to unscrew and remember
to put the washer in between the bolt cutter or your blade will flop all over the place.
Here's how easy the blade is to replace

Just give the slide control a little push...

and VOILA...your blade is changed and ready to go.

If you're wonder where to get one of these fancy new Splash Rotary Cutters
have I got just the place. Kelly Ann's Quilting we have them in the shop and
in our online store...and the price..a very sweet $17.99, can't beat that.

So tell ya like the color? It's more a teal blue then a blue blue like the pictures.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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