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TNB Quilty Post

We had to reschedule our TNB meeting to this past week and it was perfect because we got to celebrate Jackie's birthday...yes she is finally 21! After some great food provided by Nook and dessert by Kim (sorry no food pictures it went too fast) we did some show and tell of the strip quilts that we started at our last bee meeting. The over-achievers, Nook & Charlene, had theirs finished, binding and all but there were a few that just had the tops but that's okay because we'll still count them as finished UFO's. I took some pictures but they didn't turn out the greatest but I thought you might enjoy seeing what we've been up too... Charlene's finished quilt... Jackie's top Mine...and yes it's just the top.. Barbara's top..but to be fair she's made like a million of these... Nook's finished quilt...she only had about 1/4 of one side to finish the binding...she made her's bigger... We had alot of fun making these quilts...c

Finally...a quilt posting

Did you ever think you were gonna see another quilt related posting? Okay, so technically these aren't quilts but they are quilty stuff. On the 3rd Thursday and 3rd Saturday of each month we have our Thimbleberries Club meetings and what fun we have. So each year we challenge the club members in making a name tag to wear throughout the year, not everyone finished theirs but here are the ones that showed up this past if you don't think I had blast taking these pictures...remember they are name tags and y'all know where we wear name tags...just sayin'.... Along with all of the laughing that went into taking these pictures we have food...and I'm just gonna say that I have now had the best homemade scones EVER!!!! Eleanor made maple scones that were to die for. We had brownies and sugar cookies along with the scones on Thursday then on Saturday Kim treated us to cheese and sausage muffins...OMG...yes they were as good as they sound, to top off Saturday

Enough Already

Looks like someone is tried of the snow...we'll he's not the only one.... Kelly Ann

My Sweet Valentine

The Man of my Dreams.........

Not a weather Post...

Even though I could I'm not going to post about the weather and I do have more pictures to show from the latest storm but that's got to wait because I have a very important question...What do y'all listen to when quilting? Normally when I'm sewing I have my ipod going in shuffle mode but today, being home because of the weather, and Andrew downstairs on the treadmill I decided to listen to Pat Sloans radio show...OMG...if you've not listen to it, pop over there and have a listen...wait, wait...don't go right this minute, I meant after I was done typing...focus! So here I was squaring up my scrappy strip blocks and who did Pat have on the episode I was listening to, no other then the scrap queen herself, Bonnie Hunter from .... wait to click on that link I'm not done yet... one of my least favorite things to do in quilting is squaring up blocks, I do it but that doesn't mean I have to like it...well I want you to know that in the 56 mi

Sunny but Cold

I guess you can say I'm stuck in a weather loop when it comes to blogging but after what we've been through I guess it makes sense that it's always on my mind. We're having a beautiful sunny morning but it's 11 degrees outside and there's only one word for that....brrrrrrrrrrrr. This is the good news of our weather... the bad...there's 5 to 10 inches coming Tuesday night into Wednesday following by high winds. Once we get moving this morning, me doing some cleaning and my hero going for a run, on a treadmill thank you, we're gonna head into the store and see if we can get things moving so we can open on Tuesday because Wednesday isn't looking so good. On the sewing front...I have 10 blocks left to finish piecing before I can start setting them into my strip quilt...I really want to get that baby done cause I have my newest round robin block to make before our TNB meets next week. Y'all stay warm... keep sewing... come see us at KAQ if you c

Snow Picture Time

The Blizzard of 2010 began Friday February 5th...doesn't look too bad...but wait...there's more... Friday..birdbath... Saturday same birdbath... my beautiful crape myrtle... backyard... deck one is using these for awhile... back side yard.. We have a lovely redbud in the corner of the back yard, you can make it out..I hope I don't loose any of the limbs with all of that heavy snow. My hero... Saturday afternoon once the snow had stopped...I took this from the top of the driveway that my hero cleared... after snow sunset... look how the snow drifted over the back yard fence...pretty cool... our neighbors tree...hopefully they won't loose it with all of that snow... front's a great place to sit out and watch the birds...but not today.. this fence is a four foot fence...and yes that's snow almost to the top... can ya see the girls..... Zele isn't too happy to be in a sit... Stella T. Puppy Dog... Zele says....that's enough snow for m

It's a Blizzard...Really!!

I'm gonna call us of 7:30am we only have 14 inches...but there's more to come for the rest of the day. Last night the updated projection was 30 to 40, I was a little afraid to look out this morning but what a relief when my measuring area was buried under a foot...woot woot... We've cleared the driveway last night and we'll do it again this morning then once the snow as stopped, sure makes life alot easier to move 7" at a time instead of 20 all at once. Once I do my snow duties I'll be hunkered down with my sewing machine...what are your plans for today??? if you live in our area break out those UFO's and get to's perfect sewing weather... until later... stay warm.... Kelly Ann

Ding Ding Round 3

Ding Ding...Round 3 of snow came through last night and dropped 4 1/2 inches of wet snow followed by some good old fashion snow fog...before I run out and clear the deck, yes Andrew is home and is gonna use his big boy toy to clear the drive, I want to share some early morning pictures... Here's proof that Zele does go out in the snow, can you see how she plowed her head through the snow...nose to the ground...nothing was stopping her. My beautiful crape myrtle, it sits right out the front door, the snow clinging to it's little branches, how beautiful is this? Remember yesterdays post? Red Sky at night..well this is the same shot except no red sky in the morning just snow covered trees... Looks like another big storm is coming this weekend, and they're calling BIG, like as big or bigger then the one at Christmas, looks like another weekend of staying what will I do...let me see...QUILT....I am not happy about all of this snow, it's a mess, I can'

Red Sky

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s warning” This picture was taken at 7:00am this morning...and yes we're do to get hit with another snow storm tonight but this one will only give us 1-3 inches...the storm coming Friday into Saturday is suppose to be a big one...gotta wonder how red Friday mornings sky will be... While everyone is out stocking up on bread, milk and toilet paper, run don't walk to your local quilt shop and stock up because old man winter is not going to let up...nope, not one little bit. And by the way...just heard that that rodent in PA saw his shadow...6 more weeks of winter, dang I could have told them that without having to stick my hand in a hole and pull out a over-sized rat...just sayin'. Can ya tell I'm tired of winter??? Stay warm... keep a project at hand... stock up on bread/milk/tp... Kelly Ann