Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunny but Cold

I guess you can say I'm stuck in a weather loop when it comes to blogging but after what we've been through I guess it makes sense that it's always on my mind. We're having a beautiful sunny morning but it's 11 degrees outside and there's only one word for that....brrrrrrrrrrrr. This is the good news of our weather... the bad...there's 5 to 10 inches coming Tuesday night into Wednesday following by high winds. Once we get moving this morning, me doing some cleaning and my hero going for a run, on a treadmill thank you, we're gonna head into the store and see if we can get things moving so we can open on Tuesday because Wednesday isn't looking so good.

On the sewing front...I have 10 blocks left to finish piecing before I can start setting them into my strip quilt...I really want to get that baby done cause I have my newest round robin block to make before our TNB meets next week.

Y'all stay warm...
keep sewing...
come see us at KAQ if you can get out Tuesday..

Kelly Ann


  1. my storm blog is up!! Did you say more snow???

  2. We have been watching the weather in your area - and the whole east coast - our son and family live in Bethesda. Amazing. They are blessed to have power and heat. This will be the winter that you remember!!!

  3. thank you for posting on my blog that you are interested in still being a faithful reader. when I switch to private in a wk or so I will send you an invite :)

  4. You live where??? There is a Virginia in Minnesota you know. Criminy, I didn't know you got weather like that. Looks like mother nature is not getting any of her "let's shape up the weather" memos.
    Ya might as well sew while it snows!


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