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Happy 2012

My wish for everyone is that your 2012 be full of creative endeavors.... Happy New Year... until next time Be Creative Kelly Ann


After receiving a number of emails on the two color quilt challenge it appears that several of people didn't know about it and a few, maybe just a few, might not be done, so here is your official notice.  You have until February 29, 2012 to finish your quilt and because of the extension I've jacked up the requirement, the quilt must be completed with binding done.  In case you didn't know about the challenge and still want to get in on the fun here are the details... 2 colors and 2 colors only.  It can be any 2 colors but only 2 colors. any size, shape, pattern, design quilt must be complete, quilted and binding done you must have fun I had originally said I wouldn't disclose my two colors till the end and the end was suppose to be tomorrow so to be fair I'm gonna let y'all have a peek into my colors...but not my design... Until next time... Be Creative... Kelly Ann

Is it...

SPRING YET????? until next time stay warm Kelly Ann

Winter Sky

Winter sky in the hood.... until next time be kind Kelly Ann

Sailors take warning...

Gotta love a painted sky.... until next time be kind Kelly Ann

They Are Everywhere....

Am I the only one that has noticed that Owls are everywhere?   Just wondering.... Owl Be Watching You Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Afternoon walk...

We've had some very mild weather this December and I've been taking advance of it by walking outside. During the week I walk around town but on the weekends I get to walk around my's walk included a walking partner... I'm not really sure who's walking who but she led me down the road...and this is what we saw... thanks for coming with me... until next time be kind Kelly Ann

Christmas is still here...

Bucket List..

Do you have a bucket list??  Now is the time most people start reflecting on what they want to change or do different in the new year, I'm not one to make new years resolutions but I think I'll start a bucket list... so tell there anything I should put on my bucket list, a must do???? Until next time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Christmas Sunset

Christmas night in Jeffersonton Virginia.... Kelly Ann

Merry Christmas

From my family to yours Merry Christmas Kelly Ann, Andrew, Zele & Stella

Almost there...

Wordless Wednesday

Canvas Boards

While I was at Quilt Market in October I came across these Canvas Boards... They had several different sizes in their booth and I feel in love with the possibilites of what a creative crafter could do with them.  You could add fabric and turn the little squares into attic window blocks, show off your button collection, or display your collection of pins that you pick up in your quilt shop travels. At Kelly Ann's Quilting we used them to display our collection of Needle Nannies & Scissor Keeps from Puffin & Co... what would you do with a Canvas Board?   Do you have a collection of buttons, pins, or whatnots to show tell me what would you display? Until next time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Two Color Quilt...Update...

Did you sign up for the two-color quilt challenge?  how's it going??  did you know you have 20 days till I reveal mine???   did you ever think you'd read a blogpost that was all questions???? Until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann