Friday, December 30, 2011


After receiving a number of emails on the two color quilt challenge it appears that several of people didn't know about it and a few, maybe just a few, might not be done, so here is your official notice.  You have until February 29, 2012 to finish your quilt and because of the extension I've jacked up the requirement, the quilt must be completed with binding done.  In case you didn't know about the challenge and still want to get in on the fun here are the details...

  • 2 colors and 2 colors only.  It can be any 2 colors but only 2 colors.
  • any size, shape, pattern, design
  • quilt must be complete, quilted and binding done
  • you must have fun

I had originally said I wouldn't disclose my two colors till the end and the end was suppose to be tomorrow so to be fair I'm gonna let y'all have a peek into my colors...but not my design...

Until next time...
Be Creative...
Kelly Ann


  1. I like your colors. Can't wait to see the design.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your creation! Happy New Year!


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