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Everyone is always talking about goals, goals to get our quilts done, goals to "blog" everyday. I guess goals are good things, they can keep you on track, focus your attention but if you put to many goals on your list then it would seem to me that you could really stress out over achieving your goals. Don't get me wrong, I have goals, but I have enough stress running a quilt shop that if I don't need put more pressure on myself. All of that being said, I hope to blog more and finish up the flip-flop quilt this week, so you can call them goals or just "hopes". Speaking of my flip-flop quilt, I had planned on using rick-rack for the straps but I just didn't like the way they looked so now I'm going to WonderUnder some cool bright pink fabric to use as straps, on the bias, then I can bling them out. I'm going to reduce the size of of the flip-flop pattern and use them as guides for my quilting, was going to throw them on the long-arm be decid

Tuesday is my Monday

It's Monday for me, I'm off on the real worlds Monday so everyone that's put Monday behind them I'm one day behind. The flip-flop quilt won, I worked on it Sunday then yesterday went shopping for button and rick-rack. There is only so much I can carry at the shop so I let others carry some of the bling I need for my projects. Okay, see if this sounds familiar, I cut out both "feet" of the flip-flops, using Roxannes Glue Baste It, I dot little drops of glue around the outside and place the flips down my background fabric, let the glue dry and go forward to machine applique down. Don't ya know I'm using a white tone-on-tone and what do I do, not on one pair of flip-flops but on two different blocks I basted the flips on the wrong side...ugh! I cut two more pairs and made sure sixteen thousand times that I didn't make the same mistake twice. So the top is done now I'm gonna bling it up and applique a pair of sunglasses on water soluble

Yikes too many projects

Like most quilters I have a habit of wanting to make more and more and more but with running a quilt shop that leaves little time to sew. I'm not one of those people that wakes up early and goes to bed late and needs little sleep, just gotta say here I love my naps. With the nice weather it's getting harder to want to sit down at the sewing machine when there's so many weeds that need pulling and so many flowers that need planting. Tomorrow they're calling for rain here so that should make for a good day to sew, now to decide what to start. So here are my choices, a fun flip-flop wall hanging for the shop window or a fun bag pattern using Aunt Grace fat quarters. Seeing that I'm not a big Aunt Grace fan and really want to change out the windows at the shop maybe I'll do my flip-flops. But then I really want to try the bag pattern, YIKES...where do I start. It's Saturday night and there's NASCAR racin' on TV, so it''s couch time for me

Training Over

Well I made it through Husqvarna Viking Product Know How and am now certified, maybe I need to be certified crazy. There is so much to learn and we crammed a ton of stuff into one week but I still feel like there's so much more to learn. It was a great training experience, the people that work for Husqvarna Viking in Westlake are a great group of people and you couldn't ask for a nicer environment to learn. I'm totally pumped about the new machine coming out but just like everyone else I'll have to wait. I can tell you that it has the largest embroidery field on a home sewing machine, a larger LCD screen then the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition, 50 additional features and the list goes on and on, but to really see for yourself go to , click on USA, wow is the only thing I can say. I've come back with a ton of stuff in my head, with the Christmas fabric arriving, samples needing to be made and now all of this embroidery

First Time Out

Welcome to my blog, I'm starting my blog from Westlake Ohio while in Husqvarna Viking Product Know How Class, wow that's a mouth full. We started the quilt shop in 2005 and each year we've added something new, in 2006 it was a Gammill Long Arm (you'll be hearing lots about this), in 2007 we decided to start working on adding sewing machines, well it took until February 2008 but it happened and that's how I ended up in Ohio in May training on this great machines. I started quilting in 1996 while living in New Hampshire and here I am owning a quilt shop, can you say addiction. My goal is to show you the real side of owing and running a quilt shop, from the fun and crazy to the frustrating and, well, frustrating. I'll also be posting on my personal quilting adventures, road trips, projects and I can just about guarantee that you'll hear about my dogs, which everyone in the shop refers to as "the girls". Please feel free to post questions comme