Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday is my Monday

It's Monday for me, I'm off on the real worlds Monday so everyone that's put Monday behind them I'm one day behind. The flip-flop quilt won, I worked on it Sunday then yesterday went shopping for button and rick-rack. There is only so much I can carry at the shop so I let others carry some of the bling I need for my projects. Okay, see if this sounds familiar, I cut out both "feet" of the flip-flops, using Roxannes Glue Baste It, I dot little drops of glue around the outside and place the flips down my background fabric, let the glue dry and go forward to machine applique down. Don't ya know I'm using a white tone-on-tone and what do I do, not on one pair of flip-flops but on two different blocks I basted the flips on the wrong side...ugh! I cut two more pairs and made sure sixteen thousand times that I didn't make the same mistake twice. So the top is done now I'm gonna bling it up and applique a pair of sunglasses on water soluble stabilizer and cut them out and add the 3-D glasses kind of wonkey to the top, quilt and it's ready to hang.
Happy Quilting

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