Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Everyone is always talking about goals, goals to get our quilts done, goals to "blog" everyday. I guess goals are good things, they can keep you on track, focus your attention but if you put to many goals on your list then it would seem to me that you could really stress out over achieving your goals. Don't get me wrong, I have goals, but I have enough stress running a quilt shop that if I don't need put more pressure on myself. All of that being said, I hope to blog more and finish up the flip-flop quilt this week, so you can call them goals or just "hopes".
Speaking of my flip-flop quilt, I had planned on using rick-rack for the straps but I just didn't like the way they looked so now I'm going to WonderUnder some cool bright pink fabric to use as straps, on the bias, then I can bling them out. I'm going to reduce the size of of the flip-flop pattern and use them as guides for my quilting, was going to throw them on the long-arm be decided that I love the way the Sapphire 870 quilts so be it. If I can figure out how to post pictures I'll add that also.
Happy Quilting

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