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Happy Halloween

Here's your treat...I "borrowed" this picture from the stores web site don't ya just love the way these Buggy Barn pumpkins look so happy.... Now your trick...don't be scared...just remember...they're... a pack of woof or treaters.... Happy Halloween.... and remember... you are suppose to put candy in the trick or treaters bags.... not.... take it out.... Kelly Ann


Here's a quick morning observation... The leaves a falling, the skies are gray, the crows are screaming in the trees....that could only mean one thing... yep, it's fall, it's gonna rain and those stupid crows have found some road kill and they've decided to tell the world... thought it was gonna be something profound....really...from me...really.... Have a great Friday.... now go rake the yard.... and then.... jump in the big pile of leaves... and... don't forget to giggle!!! Kelly Ann

I'm Back...Sort of...

Okay where who took my's missing...We could turn this into some kind of X-File episode..I swear it was just the other day I was going to Houston to Quilt Market, then bam it's less then two weeks till Quilters' Quest ... really where has all the time gone. We've been busy at the store cutting kits...lots and lots of kits. Can you say Jelly Rolls...yep, lots and lots of jelly rolls....fat quarters, yep, charm packs, name it we've cut it. We've taken to saying..."after Quest" well do such and such...with the list we've got going we'll be just as busy after Quest as we've been before. I've taken some fall pictures but the camera is down in Raleigh NC with Andrew, once he gets back I'll post some pictures of the yard...and I promise to get back on track with my blog posting....I pinkie swear promise! TaTa for Now... Kelly Ann

On the road again....

Yep...I'm on the road again...this time not for business but for family. I'm heading to North Carolina, Havelock to be exact... I've not been home since May so a quick trip down before the craziness of the Quilters' Quest begins. I'll try and take pictures down there so y'all can see where all this crazy comes from. As I'm running the roads I give all of y'all the permission to enjoy the colors of fall and to... make snow angles in the leaves.... Kelly Ann

Where has the time gone....

How many times do us bloggers start off a blog with.....where has the time gone? We all have good intentions but something happens, me I got a cold two days after getting back from Market and am just now feeling normal, okay, you got me there I'm never really normal but how about if I say normal feeling! Normally we tote everything back with us on the plane, our luggage loaded to the max weight, our carry on bags so heavy we can hardly walk through the airport but not this year...our friends Joyce & Phoebe from Quilting Adventures turned us onto the "rent a box". A service, for a price, provided by Quilts Inc, it's easy, you rent a box, at the end of the day you visit your box and unload your goodies, before you leave market for good you go back, they weigh the box and presto, you pay up and they ship to you, no broken backs...yeah!!!! Well our box arrived and we've been unloading goodies...buried under all the stuff was some great rulers from Deb Tuck

Market Time

Lets take a stroll down the street towards the George Brown Convention Center...9 city blocks...yep we walked down and back... This is the view from the 2nd floor of the convention center...yep all those people are waiting to get inside...what you don't think that's a lot of should see the line outside and what's behind me. Here's our friend Pat Sloan with her new line, Georgia from P&B Textiles...those baskets are too stinkin' cute!! Do these two look like they're having too much fun?? well they are...Susan and Christine from Swirly Girl Designs are having a load of fun with all of their new adventures. We like to introduce you to our new friend, Helen Stubbings aka party crasher. Helen is a wonderful designer from Australia and we picked up a few of her patterns for the store and we think you're gonna love them. Helen does some beautiful handwork, it is to die for!! Check out these two pictures from Karie Patch Designs...very cool qu

I know....

I know I promised daily blog post from Houston but yesterday was jammed packed and we didn't get back to the room till 10:00 then had to get up bright and early for a meeting for me and a class for Jackie.... Tonight I'll sit down and let y'all know what we saw, who we talked to and what kind of trouble we managed to avoid... see ya later gators.... Kelly Ann

Back to School

Friday was back to school at quilt market, Schoolhouse that is...we traveled from room to room with over 1000 of our dearest friends. There's so much to take in, each session lasted 15 to 30 minutes and some were full of fun new information, some not so good. We made the best of it and came back to the room full of ideas. Today we're heading back down to the convention center to see what kind of trouble, oops I mean fun things we can get into. I'll pull out my camera and start snapping pictures to share with everyone... so until the next post....rake the yard and fall into the pile of leaves with glee.... Kelly Ann

Quilted Treasures Quilt Show

Here is a small sampling of what the ladies from the Madison County Guild had to share...sit back and enjoy the show. I took these pictures before the show got started and the weekend flew by, I'm sorry to say I didn't get the names of the quilters. I hope you enjoyed this sample of the are you making plans to be there for the next one??? Kelly Ann

Our First Booth

For those of you that couldn't make it to Madison Virginia for the Quilted Treasures Quilt Show I thought I'd share some pictures of our very first booth. Jackie and I had a great time meeting new people and visiting with old friends. The show was held in a school gym, how do you like that blue paint on the bottom of the wall...really set off our samples, don't ya think? We had five tables and now we're thinking that if we had six we could have set up a demo table, how fun would that have been. I love doing demo's I'm thinking that if this quilt shop thing doesn't work out I can be the next Billy Mays and sell some OxiClean . Another look at our booth, we were right by the door so we were the first ones you saw as you came into the gym, you can't see it but right over our heads was a basketball hoop...kind of thinking next time we'll bring a basketball in case we get bored. A close-up of the samples that Jackie taped to the wall, not once,

Yep...Fall is Here

I'm still wondering what happen to summer but make no mistake about it...fall is here. You can always tell that first cool morning when fall arrives because I can't get my butt out of bed. I woke up this morning and it was like...okay who took my covers, nope they were still there, who turned on the a/c, nope that was off but wait did I leave both the bedroom windows open last night...yep, and let me tell you it was chilly. So I dug out the long pants, I'm a capri kind of girl, sweater and even socks with my crocs, what's that you say...crocs with betcha! I wear my crocs all year long, I even have a lovely friend that knits me warm and toasty socks to keep my feet warm in the winter. I read something a couple of years ago before heading to Houston for the fall quilt market, it said "fashion stops below the knees" so I took that to heart and gave myself permission to wear my green/blue/orange crocs year around. Okay back to the fall thing...I