Sunday, October 11, 2009

Market Time

Lets take a stroll down the street towards the George Brown Convention Center...9 city blocks...yep we walked down and back...

This is the view from the 2nd floor of the convention center...yep all those people are waiting to get inside...what you don't think that's a lot of should see the line outside and what's behind me.
Here's our friend Pat Sloan with her new line, Georgia from P&B Textiles...those baskets are too stinkin' cute!!
Do these two look like they're having too much fun?? well they are...Susan and Christine from Swirly Girl Designs are having a load of fun with all of their new adventures.
We like to introduce you to our new friend, Helen Stubbings aka party crasher. Helen is a wonderful designer from Australia and we picked up a few of her patterns for the store and we think you're gonna love them. Helen does some beautiful handwork, it is to die for!!
Check out these two pictures from Karie Patch Designs...very cool quilts...we are so excited because we chatted with Karen today and we're getting a few of her quilts in a trunk show for our upcoming Quilters' Quest. do you like this thread stand...kind of cool don't ya think?? Yep, I ordered it along with some stunning Aurifil threads, 12wt cotton, perfect thread for hand embroidery work...what's that you say, hand embroidery work at Kelly Ann's Quilting...yep and some of the patterns are coming from our new friend Helen Stubbings.
so do you like this new line from Windham fabrics??? yep the whole line is coming our way and you can thank this guy...
Bob from the next time you see Bob running the roads around Warrenton you can stop him and say Thank You for showing us this beautiful fabric.

We had fun chatting with Eleanor Burns and her son Orion and picking up one of her new rulers...and if you're in the Thimbleberries club this year you can use some of your Thimblebucks and bid on a bag with her fun would that be!!

We saw a ton of people, Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson, Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Becky Goldsmith, Linda Jenkins...just to name a few. We had fun with our regular bunch of kooky friends, Joyce, Phoebe, Cathy and her Mom, Carol and Anna, Sue and David...not to mention those crazy Swirly Girls Susan and Christine...o' and there's Noreen from That Little Shop in Madison, Susan and Gary from Capital Quilts, Jackie from Patches Quilting and Sewing, Sheri and Cindi from Artful Quilter...I'm sure there were a bunch more but it's getting late and now my brain is getting foggy...

We fly out tomorrow morning...we'll have a bunch of boxes arriving in the store soon and I promise that as soon it all starts arriving I'll let y'all know....

so until we land in late into the night...
Kelly Ann


  1. Ah Houston..brings back so many memories. When they built the convention center, it was hated by most. We all thought it looked like a giant cruise ship .;-)

  2. You have done such a great job of showing us Market!
    Did you get Helen Stubbins new Faux Applique book? That looks fun!

  3. Thanks for the great Market update (I missed being there!) I didn't realize you were in the Quilt Quest this year! I'll have to get to your shop that weekend. I work for part of it, but usually try to travel to some of the shops. Congrats!


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