Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ding Ding Round 3

Ding Ding...Round 3 of snow came through last night and dropped 4 1/2 inches of wet snow followed by some good old fashion snow fog...before I run out and clear the deck, yes Andrew is home and is gonna use his big boy toy to clear the drive, I want to share some early morning pictures...

Here's proof that Zele does go out in the snow, can you see how she plowed her head through the snow...nose to the ground...nothing was stopping her.

My beautiful crape myrtle, it sits right out the front door, the snow clinging to it's little branches, how beautiful is this?

Remember yesterdays post? Red Sky at night..well this is the same shot except no red sky in the morning just snow covered trees...

Looks like another big storm is coming this weekend, and they're calling BIG, like as big or bigger then the one at Christmas, looks like another weekend of staying what will I do...let me see...QUILT....I am not happy about all of this snow, it's a mess, I can't open the store, it's a mess, it's cold, it's a mess....but if I have to be home I might as well do some sewing. Off to clean the deck so we can get out and open the store...because everyone needs to stock up on bread/milk/tp and FABRIC...

Kelly Ann


  1. poor bill did his long commute thing ;-( When was the last winter we got this much snow??

  2. I feel for you but you can have that white stuff. I live in MN and can't wait for winter to be over! BTW - I had a red and white dog - as of last year anyways and your picture reminds me of them. Now they are both gone but now I have a white and black dog. Have fun quilting this weekend! Lisa

  3. OMG that is funny. Did your doggy find a surprise under all that snow??
    Your tree is so pretty. I bet it's even prettier in the summer.
    Mess? Did you say MESS?? But it's sooo pretty.


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