Sunday, April 29, 2012

O'my Shoes...

Out of the blue Laurie, Saturday gal at the store, said "I got new shoes...we should do something special for our customers this Saturday" I'm thinking...sure..actually I'm thinking.."girl you are nuts" but I went with it.  So what did Laurie come up with...Awesome Shoe Saturday, you just had to stop in and show us your awesome shoes and get a discount off one item.  OMG...did we ever have a fun time, even had one customer show up wearing two different awesome shoes...and yes she got a double discount.
Warning...there are lots of pictures...but they are stick with me here..

These are the shoes that started off all this craziness....

I'd say my customers are some pretty good sports...
now...if they had showed up wearing these..

y'all would have heard me squeal all over the world...sure do wish I could wear these...

Until next time..
be kind...
and remember..
awesome shoes come in many different forms..

Kelly Ann

1 comment:

  1. Love it and the fun things you do!!!!
    Some real nice shoes, love the Birkie's.