Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trend Alert

As quilt shop owners we try and keep our eyes open for new trends, something fun and refreshing but there's a trend that seems...how do I say this...kind of strange.  Bacon...no not pork but Bacon...let me share with you some of the things that are being made into bacon-like...
 Bacon Martini....Wrong
 Bacon Watch...I think NOT...
 Bacon Gum.....Ewwwww
 Bacon Toothpicks....Double Ewwwwwww

 Bacon Shoes....NOT
Kevin Bacon....now that's much better

So...have you seen this trend?  It's popping up all over, bacon knitted scarves, wallets...you name it people are either doing something that looks like bacon or taking bacon and making things out of it...now I'm interested to see what the next new trend is gonna be but for now I think I'll pass on the bacon shoes...
Until Next time..
Be Kind...
Stay Warm...
and have a marvelous Day....
Kelly Ann


  1. That's a well-marbled piece of beefcake, yes indeedy. All the other items i'd gladly do without!

  2. oiy,that kevin just keeps reinventing himself. our local chocolatier now makes chocolate covered bacon. it was pretty good until you thought about the f*t content. here i thought it was just something new they came up with but now i know it is a trend:)

  3. yeah I just saw a bacon cupcake last night. Didn't look appealing to me so I didn't eat it.

  4. Mayo bacon... really pretty good on a lettuce and tomato sandwich.


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