Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where did March Go?

Can someone answer this question....where did March go?   It seems  like just yesterday it was February and we were wondering if March was gonna come in like a lion or a lamb and now I can't even remember the weather when the month started.  Do you remember growing up and wondering will I ever be 16 so I can drive, will I ever get out of high school, will I ever be 18/21 so I can have a drink (legally), how is it that when we're young days, months and years seem to drag on but the older we get we can't squeeze enough time out of one day. 

I have been doing some sewing, playing with the Creative Grids 60 degree ruler, sewing on the bees latest round robin and doing some hand embroidery work.  But not really getting anything finished so there's not alot to show you, so it's been one of those starter months. 

April is just around the corner and then we are off and running for the next several months, travel in April, May, June and July and I still need to fit in a visit to see the family....just wondering is there anyway we can add a couple of days to each of the next several months...maybe then I can finish up some of the projects I started...o'but wait...with the nice weather brings working in the yard....well I guess we'll just have to wait and see what I can get done or better yet get started. 

I'll try and not be a stranger in blogland, maybe pick up back posting daily....stranger things have happened.

enjoy your Sunday....
Kelly Ann


  1. I can tell you I'm sitting here wondering......when will I be 50?? lolol Hubby is wondering when will he be 65 so he can get Medicare. LMAO!!!!


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