Friday, June 12, 2009

Full Hearts

Our very own Barbara is a volunteer with the Red Cross and when there's an emergency Barbara is called into action. Leaving the area with little notice and no return dates she is often gone weeks on end. During one of her trips as she was handing out a hot meal to a small child she also gave him a quilt that her "bee" had made, she tells the story of how the look on his face, with the quilt tucked under his arm and balancing his dinner he finally had something that was his, having lost everything. So while Barbara is called to arms to help the Red Cross I feel compelled to help so we'll be picking a weekend day this summer and planning a sew-in of string quilt blocks that we can then turn into quilts so that Barbara can have a supply of quilts to grab from when she needs to make a mad dash out of town on her next emergency call.

Giving back to the community is something that quilters around the world have done over and over and being part of that brings a sense of comfort to our hearts. It doesn't matter if it's for Project Linus, Quilts for the troops or some other charity that's in need, opening your heart to others will stay with you always.

Happy Hearts & Happy Quilting

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  1. So very true. Thanks for the reminder that there are still many who could use a little quilty love.


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