Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lots of Nothing New

I start feeling guilty when I don't post a blog to keep everyone up to date on what's happen at the shop, home and with the girls...but I gotta tell ya...there's Lots of Nothing New going on here..

Summer has arrived, I think. Two nights ago we slept with the windows open and an extra quilt on the bed last night, jeeze louise it was so stinkin' humid and it's not even 10am and the heat is building. Our neighbors across the street use to have horses but now they have four cows who if I had to name would be, meatloaf, burger, tips (steak) and meatball...anyway...we didn't have horse flies with the horses but you better believe we have them with the cows. Those suckers bite like the dickins and swarm the girls...Stella is not too happy when one lands on her backside. So we've been dealing with those nasty buggers while having our coffee this morning but as you can see from this writing there is nothing new going on here.

We're having a charity sew-in at the store today so I promise to take some pictures and show the loads of fun that will be happening.

quilt with a smile, it keeps people guessing!


  1. There is a spray I used to get for my dogs that you spray horses with to keep the flies away. The flies used to chew on the dogs ears really bad.

  2. You can have whats left in my yellow jacket spray can ;-)

  3. ha ha ha! my sister's husband runs a little cow/calf operation - Nicci likes to name all of the babies and every year she dubs one steer "Mr. Dinner"


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