Thursday, October 30, 2008

Burrrr It's Cold

Okay, whatever happen to fall, aren't we suppose to have mild days and cool nights, not cold days and colder nights. We use our lap quilts at night while watching TV and last night I was tempted to grab Andrew's a run, man is it chilly. So instead of punishing my DH I think I'll make a couple of new and warmer lap quilts for us to use this winter and I know where I can get some really cool fabric.

We got back from Market Monday night and hit the ground running, well maybe not running but we had a quick step in our walk. We've been busy planning our new programs and as soon as more details are worked out we'll be announcing them.

I wanna congratulate all those Phillie Fans out's to you Joyce & Phoebe.
Enjoy the rest of the fall leaves before the wind blows them off and until then....
Happy Quilting

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