Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Log Cabin Anyone?

As I've posted before my first quilt was a log cabin. I love the basic log cabin but I also love some of the really cool stuff that you can do with a log cabin, from curves, to building the cabin to cutting it into strips. I've had several people ask when I was going to teach the basic log cabin class...so here's the first step in doing a log cabin, picking the right fabric.
It always helps to take a picture of the fabrics you're gonna use to make sure you have some true lights and darks, my lights I'm loving but I not so sure of the darks. I'm using a Maywood Studios line called Back Porch Bouquet. I used the same line for Emma (previous post) and because I loved the fabric I bought way more then Emma could ever have used. The stripe is for the binding, I have a large floral for the border, if I decide I want one but for now I'm thinking it'll just be blocks but that also can change. Okay, now that I'm staring at the picture I'm thinking the print with the flowers isn't gonna cut it as a dark...I'll take the fabric with me to work today and start auditioning out fabrics for the last dark and the center.

Keep checking back, I'll post pictures once the strips are cut (yep, using the Accucut at the store).
Happy Quilting

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