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Wrap-Up, Up-Date..You Name it!

Wow...what a week it's been. I was going to try and do a blog post every day of the Quilters' Quest but as you can tell that after day 2 I had to give up. We had a great time during Quest and had the pleasure of welcoming quilters from North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Minnesota, Washington State, New York, New Jersey, Texas, North Dakota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and I'm sure I'm missing a few states but as you can see from this list that quilters will travel for the fun of a shop hop. We got to meet two quilters from Baltimore that made matching outfits and what a hoot they were, I'm sure their local quilt shop enjoys them everytime they walk in the doors. There was a gentlemen with rock climbing shoes on, they were so cool and he gave us a little lesson on them, very interesting. I was invited to sit in a Smart Car, OMG...the car is so tiny but the inside is plenty big to hold some pretty good shop hop stash. There was the couple from Washington State, the husband flew the wife out just for the event and yes he came along, he was the hero among all the lady quilters but I think he might have gotten alittle eyeballing from the husbands. We had wife and husband quilting teams come in, a nice young man did the Quest for his mother collecting all 12 block kits along the way. The stories go on and on, a group that had started one day with and 80 year young lady, she just couldn't make it on the second day, they asked if we would stamp her passport, you betcha.

There were 329 Questers that did all 12 shops, 60something that did 8+. At Kelly Ann's we had 429 register to win our door prize and if you were one of them and left us your email address you'll be getting our next newsletter.

My plan was to take pictures during Quest but we spent every minute entertaining our guest so there was little free time for picture taking...there's always next year. If you visited Kelly Ann's Quilting during our 5 day Quilters' Quest I just want to say THANK YOU! if you didn't visit...there's still time to see the fun room we set up just for the Questers.

Before I forget...that's been happening alot lately...We're having our Black Friday sale the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, we've left our classroom set up for easy shopping, so make sure you stop by and check out the deals.

As I close this post I have to give a BIG thank you to my staff and friends, Jackie, Barbara, Nanette, Irma, Jeannie, Laurie, Pam, Rae-Ann, Leigh and last but not least my BFF Colleen. The fun and success of the Quilters' Quest was made possible because I was surrounded by this wonderful group of ladies.

until next time...
stay warm...
quilt like a mad-woman...
Christmas is just around the corner...
Kelly Ann


  1. Love your blog - being a former quilt shop owner & listening to all your activities makes me nostalgic! Was also tickled to read your oyster stuffing memories on Judy's Patchwork is Wisconsin people think I am nuts when I mention that...growing up in the D.C./Northern Virginia area - oysters were so plentiful during those "R" months! And trips to Warrenton for horse shows when young. Thanks for stirring up a some wonderful moments. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. My husband and I were the first to walk through your door on day one of this year's quest - our first quest. :) WOW, what a whirlwind experience to do 12 shops in 2 days! YOU and your precious shop MADE the quest for us!!! ALL those working with you were so warm, friendly, and helpful. It made for the perfect start to our journey! I loved your picture boards... great idea! Wonderful tool for teaching new techniques to seasoned quilters or basics to those just getting started. If it weren't for the quest, I might not have found your shop, but I will certainly be making my way back there again soon, and as often as possible. I look forward to regularly receiving your newsletters. Wishing you all health, happiness, joy and blessings through the holidays and in the new year.


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