Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Nook...

Yesterday was Nook's the TNB ladies decided it was an occasion for presents...but then isn't everyday an occasion for presents...anyway back on subject. Nook's youngest was leaving for College today and she needed her pals to cheer her up...dang that girl makes us laugh so hard I think she did more cheering up then we did...

Nook and her new cheese plate...isn't it pretty!

A UVA bag for a UVA Mom...she'll be the favorite Mom at all the you think she has a pair of shoes to match this bag?
Another present...a duck bead to add to her bracelet...I took a picture of the bead but it didn't turn out well, and yes she did name the bead, Tucker (it's a long story that you'll have to ask her about)...that dang girl names everything!
A pretty little quilt for her sewing studio...she loves peach and it's all about the peach.
This is a bag that Irma made...and yes she has shoes to match! I think she likes it!

Thanks for stopping by...and remember....
Quilt with'll keep them guessing!!!
Kelly Ann


  1. love the bag! (from a UVa grad)

  2. "Nook" had a very happy day, it looks like! How nice and what wonderful presents!!! I love the bag and the peach quilt to hang in her sewing room....she'll smile every time she looks at it and remember good friends!! Very nice!

  3. This is NOOK and I just want to say that I have the best friends at Kelly Anns. These girls are the greatest. I loved all of my presents and Kelly bakes the best cakes. They really cheered me up. Thanks to all my buddies.


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