Friday, June 9, 2017


What is the first thing we do when our dogs bark? We yell at them to stop..then they yell back..bark bark bark bark..there's something there I know it, really really, I hear, see, smell something..bark bark bark.. and we yell "knock it off" and more bark bark bark...I'm pretty sure that our pups think we are barking with them at what they hear, see or smell. 

With a new puppy on the horizon we're trying something new with Stella T. Rottenbear Dog..

We've started with "quiet"...she barks, we say "quiet" then "good girl" ... she growls .. "quiet, good girl".. this morning we're watching a deer right outside our fence, she growls, I say "quiet" she looks over her shoulder at me "what, DEER..there's a DEER in the front..MOM...DEER" More "quiet" from me and lots of "good girl"..her loud bark turned to a growl with a small "woof"..then just a low growl. And the deer...they just continued on their journey through our side yard into the back woods.

So it's can teach and old dog new tricks!

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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  1. Good morning Kelly Ann! I have a request. If you are going to start blogging again could you update new arrivals more often......fabric, kits etc. for us out here in far away land? I stopped last Friday on my way to North Carolina and had my shopping list ready. The last purchase I made I called from Pennsylvania and you shipped it to me. I love your shop and tell everyone about it. The fabrics you had featured in the shopping cart were like candy! I wanted every one of them. Thanks for listening and have a great week.


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