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Let's Do Some Quilting!

I'm only going to show you a tad of Emma because I don't want to ruin the surprise to our upcoming Strip Club, but isn't she "charming"? I've been working on Emma this weekend and finally got her ready to quilt. Now I don't know about y'all but I don't do alot of quilting on my sewing machine because I have a gammill at the store but I really need to get this one done before Thursday so off to the Sapphire I go.
As you can see I'm ready to start quilting, I have my wonderful Sapphire 870, my quilting gloves, scissors and yes that's right a nice big glass of red wine. Please don't worry about the machine as the wine will be moved (or finished) before I even start to quilt but I thought I'd show you that I do practice what I teach. In my basic machine quilting class I talk about having a glass of wine to get all loose, to relax so that when you're done with your quilt your shoulders aren't touching your ears. So on the agenda for tonight is to finish the glass of wine and get to quilting on Emma and I promise that as soon as the Strip Club meets I'll post the finished picture....
Happy Quilting


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