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November Challenge Update

You may remember my post from 10/28 about No Shave November...well these guys hung in there and
Mr. Leslee aka Scott, Mr. Kelly Ann aka Andrew, Mr. Angie aka Dave
I think they did a good job of keeping their beards growing. I think I heard that Mr. Angie is gonna be shaving today, and Mr. Kelly Ann is thinking about it, but Mr. Leslee is gonna keep it for a bit.

Leslee took the money we raised and sent it off to St. Jude's Children Research Hospital

Ever since opening the doors at Kelly Ann's Quilting I felt it was my responsibility to give back to the community that gave so much to me. We've collected for the local food banks, the Fauquier SPCA, the Safe Shelter for women and children, the homeless shelter, breast cancer research, Salvation Army, Quilts of Honor, and few I am sure I am missing. 

For December, I'll be collecting goodies for the Fauquier SPCA, ending 2018 with giving to the many pups and kitties searching for their families. So if you live in the local area, while out doing your Christmas shopping, pick up a toy or treats or even a bag/can of food for the four-legged kids waiting for Santa. 

Until Next Time
Be Kind


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