Monday, January 12, 2009

Binding, Binding & more Binding

While reading through the latest blogs from blog-land I've noticed alot of people out there finishing up UFO's and getting binding on all those quilts, well add my name to that list. This weekend I managed to get a wall-hanging quilted and the binding on and I also got the binding on Miss Syliva's quilt, now just for the hand work. Both quilts needed to be done by this weekend, Trish's is overdue because her birthday was December 30th and Miss Syliva is having her third birthday January 19th. We'll be traveling up to Baltimore or "Bawlmer" as the local say on Sunday to spend a few hours with the cutest kid around, we'll have some cake then head back to the country.

Okay, back the the quilting.....So normally I quilt on the long-arm at the store but thought "what the heck" I'll quilt Trish's wall-hanging at home on the I completely forgot how tiring on the shoulder quilting on a regular sewing machine is. But all is well, it's done and once I get the binding hand done I'll post a picture.

enjoy the week and happy quilting

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