Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Stella doesn't seem to mind the snow, take a lookie she's even have herself alittle sit...and a cold bum!
This is the few from the back deck...yes it is beautiful but it's sooooo cold and wet. The roads are bit tricky so we decided to keep the store closed today so I get to stay home and play. Life is sweet, I've got a gingerbread cake in the oven, a dog under my feet and I'm getting ready to cut out a shop sample.
So, what do y'all like to do with you unplanned day off?
I hope we get to work tomorrow, I know why push it? well, we got a box of fabric in and I can't wait to see....it's calling my name.
Stay Warm, Stay Dry and Happy Quilting

1 comment:

  1. Poor Stella, she looks so cold. They must be missing their walks. Hope the weather clears up for you soon,


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